Product Review - Leachco Cuddle-U Nursing Pillow


Price Range 

INR 3360 to 5400

Age Group

0 - 6 Months

About Product

The Leachco Cuddle-U Basic Nursing Pillow  is a multipurpose pillow with various functions and uses.

This unique support system has the benefits of a bouncer with the comfort of your caress. Combining an adjustable seat wrap with U-shaped design creates a duo that ensures baby's support as well as safety.

This U-shaped nursing pillow eases muscle strain and allows for easier feeding times. It converts from a nursing pillow to a support cushion or play seat as your little one grows. It allows your infant to lay reclined, while the safety strap system holds wigglers in place. There is no wiggling or squirming out of this comfy seat with the attached seat wrap. 

Use it as a comfy tummy time cushion or a sit-up support when the baby begins to sit.  A concealed pocket is attached to the bottom so when baby no longer needs the extra support just fold and tuck away the seat wrap. 

Velcro seat wrap and U-shaped support system hold wigglers securely in place and prevent sliding, while they lounge.

Proper positioning, while lounging and eating, may help enhance digestion and reduce reflux in infants. Generously-sized self-adjusting nursing pillow for all-around comfort, perfect for C-sections. Easily adjusts to meet the needs of both newborns and growing infants, and transitions into a tummy-time support and sit-up support for older infants.

Versatile Cuddle-U nursing pillow and support system can be used as an adjustable nursing pillow, infant safety seat, reflux relief and the playtime support system in one.  The pillow is fluffy. It is a great product to use this at night to elevate your little one. This will help your kid not to roll or slide out of it even at night while sleeping. It will actually help your child sleep longer through the night because it will make them feel like they are being held. You can use this pillow for breastfeeding, bottle feeding, sitting support, and sleeping. While the boppy pillows are much more popular, but the cuddle U with its uniqueness has really won hearts, not only it is less expensive than boppy but it has a belt that you can use to keep your child from slipping downward, and that can also be tucked away when you're not using it. It has a larger circumference of the pillow compared to other brands.

The shape of the pillow is very comfortable, so that a nursing mom can rest her arms during feeding time. In addition, highly recommend this "Nursing Pillow for Dads" who may be bottlefeeding as a supplement.


The biggest disadvantage with this product is that, it does not have any cover, in case of any dirty marks, this item is difficult to wash as outer sheet cannot be taken out. Velcro straps given is good, but technically it is not correct as velcro are not so useful to hold a baby tight. Difficult to use for little fatty moms as it will not fit to their waist. 

About Company/Brand  

Leachco a company formed by clyde and Jamie Leach in May 1988. Clyde and Jamie took inspiration from a near tragedy and turned it into a profitable business venture. This inspiration came on when they went for an outing with their own child and realized how quickly an active baby can climb out of an ill-equipped and unrestrained highchair. Having no sewing articles on hand, she improvised by using an old kitchen dish cloth and dental floss for thread and created what is now known as the Original Wiggle Wrap. Leachco has grown to include a product line of nearly one hundred infant and toddler products, as well as comfort items for expectant moms. The majority of products are original designs, with many being patented. The products emphasize safety and comfort for infants and children, while focusing on practicality and convenience for parents.


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