Product Review - Kidsme Food Feeder


Price Range

INR 1780

Age Group

06 – 24 Months

About Product

This product is BPA free i.e. (Bisphenol A, or BPA, is a chemical compound used in the production of polycarbonate plastics and epoxy resins) and FDA tested (Food and Drug Administration). Recommended for 4+ months. Choose the size of the feeder according to the width of the child's mouth. Allow your child to eat fresh food without the risk of choking. Replaceable silicone sacs are available in two different sizes. Unique patent, design, improved from traditional mesh bag feeders. Silicone sac makes for easy cleaning, does not retain odors, encourages chewing, more natural and comfortable to the baby. Designed with textured silicone surface works best with frozen fruit or ice cube to soothe teething pain and massage baby's gum. Shuts and locks easily with the childproof snap lock. Easy to grasp. Cap helps keep silicone sac and food clean.

The food sac is silicone, removable and easy to hand-wash as well. The bottle that comes with the set is an anti-colic bottle that is specially designed to reduce colic by keeping air out. It has a silicone nipple with sensitive response to the baby’s pressure and will respond with the right amount of liquid, great improvement over cloth mesh feeders, can be used as soon as the baby is able to hold and suck / gnaw on things like apple pieces etc. 

Also, the silicone does not stain with foods. This doesn't really change the integrity of the product, The feeder part seems to be the perfect size. It fits well in baby's mouth, but not very much food fits into it at once, so you will have to refill it a few times if you can finagle it away from your baby for long enough. 

Mesh feeders are painful to clean  they never really come out clean even after trying all the cleaning supplies and methods and still can, find tiny food particles stuck in the mesh. The mesh feeders always smells, are a pain to wash and clean well and are all around inconvenient. So comapared to mesh feeders, these silicon feeders are far better at cleaning, a great relief to all new moms who are tired of cleaning mesh.  You can use it as teethers as well. The handle is perfect for baby's tiny hand, the juice from the fruit is very easy to come out. These feeders you can put the piece of food into it. You don't have to worry about them choking on a piece of food.

This particular item has disadvantages for its sizing, though the product mentions it as large size but it is not large. It's actually considerably smaller than the standard mesh food feeders and quadruple the cost of the Munchkin brand silicone food feeder. 

The size is too Small. The openings are too small, you will have to cut fruits or food items in small tiny pieces. Cannot stuff food inside more than 2-3 tablespoons, makes baby irritating on finishing up within a couple of minutes. The holes are too small, if used some Non-veg items like chicken mesh it is difficult to come out.

Other brands are not made of silicone they are net base which is a pain to clean even the net at times comes out, but are bigger in size and holds a good amount of food.

To avoid sizing issue you can buy couple of it and keep it ready by filling extra food, once your baby finishes with one, immediately the second feeder is ready to use. Apart from its sizing these are well designed and easy to use compared to other mesh feeders. Improvising in its size can make it a great product. 

About Company/Brand

Kidsme was established in 2007 as a diversified baby products company specializing in infant feeding for 0-3 year olds, oral care products and toys. Their headquarters is located in Hong Kong and established branches in Europe and the USA. Kidsme provides innovative products that benefit baby’s development and empower children to actively participate and find joy in the discovery of tastes, textures and beyond.


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