Product Review - Infant Nose Cleaning Tweezers By Boogie Snatcher


Price Range

INR 950 to 1000

Age Group

0 – 3 Years

About Product

A gentle way to remove hard dried-up mucous from newborn noses! Often the baby's nose gets stuffed up with annoying boogies which irritates the baby. Boogie Snatcher safely and easily removes the boogie! Simply squeeze it with the Boogie Snatcher and gently remove it so baby can breathe freely and comfortably! 

Cleans your infant's nose for better sleep. Cleans nasal cavity before using nasal aspirator. Does not irritate the nasal cavity or baby. Short and rounded tips for safe use. Safe and effective for clearing baby/toddler nostrils. Tapered & extra-wide grip prevents accidental over-insertion. Cap to store and seal the tweezers. The tweezers can sterilize by microwave or boiling water (the clear cover no high heat). 

Use the nose tweezers to pick up solids in the nose or roll a sheet of wet wipe or tissue paper at the tips to clean around the nostrils. The baby tweezers are a great little handy tool. This product is of great use for dried up boogers, generally nose cleaner cleans up the mucous but dried boogers are easily pulled out with these tweezers.

Though the product is designed for infant and toddler, but removing something from a toddler's nose is a very difficult task and that too with this product will really make you run behind them. Since it is never easy to handle fussy kids, this product can be of much help if the baby is quiet and calm and keeps themselves still up to a certain extend but not of much use to a fussy kid.

Also keeping in mind that the product is for kids, the tweezers are made in the closed position so it does not harm their membrane, but to grab anything from such a small place it should have an open position with some soft material, then it would have been more effective. Using it for baby's is a little difficult as the tip is made of hard plastic. Could have been of better used with some consideration of couple of the above points.

About Company/Brand

Tipatap, LLC  was established on July 22, 2011. BOOGIE SNATCHER is a product created by Tipatap, LLC in Morganfield, Kentucky . The BOOGIE SNATCHER is a product related to Small plastic tweezers to be used for cleaning nasal passages. The product is now being marketed  for sale. 



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