Product Review - BambinOz Instant Travel Heat Bottle Warmer


Price Range

INR 2035 to 4140

Age Group

0 – 3 Years

About Product

The BambinOz Instant Heat Bottle Warmer Pack is great for car, plane, train, travel, shopping trips a day at the beach or camping. Heat anywhere anytime as the pack warms with no batteries or electricity required. The heating pad contains a solution of water a food grade sodium acetate (a form of salt) and a stainless steel disc . When you gently flex the disc (just enough to hear a click sound) this starts a chain reaction where the solution begins to crystallize and generate heat lasting up to an hour. Once the pad cools, simply immerse in boiling water for 5-10 minutes or until the solution becomes completely clear. The Instant Heat Bottle Warmer Pack also comes with an insulated carry bag to keep liquids warm or cold until ready to use.

Take the stress out of warming bottles on-the-go. The Instant Bottle Warmer Bonus Pack from BambinOz safely warms bottles to breast milk temperature, aiding in digestion. The pack consists of a re-usable heating pad which wraps around most of the bottle sizes. The pack also comes with a fully insulated carrier that fastens with a handy strap and snap closure to any diaper bag or stroller. The carrier is great for carrying expressed breast or formula milk as it keeps liquids cold for up to a couple of hours. The Instant Bottle Warmer Pack is easy to use and is completely safe, non-toxic and BPA-free. Between uses, simply place the heating pad in boiling water for 5 minutes and let cool. 

This is a nice product takes 10 Minutes to be room temperature and 15 minutes for little  warmer. It will not heat to very warm temperature, but too warm is not  needed for your child to have it, hence it is perfectly fine warm up to room temperature. It takes at least 15-20 minute process time to warm, so you need to prepare yourself accordingly to get the stuff ready for your child before they start crying loud. This heating pad comes with velcro so if you have wider or thinner bottles it can be adjusted and holds the grip properly. 

It is preferred for small trips, outings or some short visits. As the pad once used cannot be reused until the pads are again heated in boiling water. The pad can generate heat for up to an hour, but may keep liquids warm for much longer if placed inside the insulated carrier. The pad is designed to heat liquids to breast milk temperature, making it easier for young tummies to digest. The pad uses slow, even heating which retains nutrients better and never overheats. 

Overall a very good and effective product for short journeys, easy to use, small and compact takes less space and on the go travel friendly item.

About Company/Brand

Carren Rieger-Friess, founder of Bambinoz LLC. It is from her personal experience and inspiration Bambinoz has been established.  An experienced traveler, Friess because frustrated with portable products geared toward feeding a young baby on the road. So she decided to design a product that would fit the bill and founded BambinOz in 2007. The product is a lightweight, portable harness that attaches to an adult chair, thus becoming a temporary high chair. And then BambinOz' next product, the Instant Bottle Warmer, was a solution to the problem "where can heat up baby's bottle?" 


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