Product Review - Baby Moon Walker Harness by Fab N Funky


Price Range

INR 400 to 700

Age Group

08 – 14 Months

About Product

This product is designed by professionals in order to help you and your little one to learn how to walk. This product will help your baby's walking experience and avoid twisting on the baby arms. It will help the little one have fewer falls and reduce back pain from bending over parent. This item is fully adjustable according to your baby's chest measurement. It is designed for 8-14 months old. All in all, It helps the baby balance more naturally with hand free and you can use this walker with or without the top bar. It is your perfect baby walker!


When a baby trips and fall, the worst pain is inflicted on the mother's heart. Keep your baby safe from cuts and bruises with a Baby Moon Walk Walking Assistance, suitable for 8-14 months babies. This baby walking assistance, made of 100% cotton, is comfy, easy to use & clean. Now, every mom can worry less about their baby stumbling while learning to walk.  

It helps your little baby learn to walk, teaches them to stay on their feet and it’s a great way to keep your child close to you when you’re out and about. Baby Moon Walk made walking easier as there is no reason for bending down and hurting your backs while trying to teach your baby to walk. Moon Walk helps the child to walk in a secure manner with the help of an adult.

Helps the child to walk and balance freely. Designed to help the child walk in comfort and safety. The fabric is made of cotton so it is airy and will not make your babies sweat even during the hot day.

A simple hand wash is all you need to keep it clean and smelling good. Drying is also naturally done, and must not be twisted just to remove the water, just hang it under the sun and wait for it to dry out.

Less expensive and  useful product to support your baby's first attempts at walking. Easy to use, lightweight, relatively comfortable for the baby.

This will definitely give a boost in their self confidence, They will not fall down due to harness and with that they try to walk, run off and do things by their own. This is highly recommended those having any type of back discomfort while they are bending over trying to help your little one take steps. It will definitely help you to be in a more comfortable position. It has 65cm - 68cm height and it is adjustable.

About Company/Brand

Fab N Funky is an ensemble of products sourced from a distinct array of manufactures within India and abroad to bring their latest and unique offerings at affordable prices for the Indian audience. 


ebay.in, shopclues.com, firstcry.com

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