Product Review - Happi Tummi Natural Colic Relief Waistband


Price Range

INR 2461 to 4500

Age Group

0 – 8 Months

About Product

Do you have a fussy baby that won't stop crying? Does your baby have colic, gas, constipation or other digestive issues? Happi Tummi is the  all natural, external, fast acting remedy to bring instant relief to your fussy baby, infant or toddler. Happi Tummi works for most digestive issues that cause a fussy baby to cry. This includes colic, gas, constipation, cramps, bloating and more.

Gastic and constipation are very common issue in infants, they are unable to express which makes them colicky. This natural colic relief from Happi Tummi provides instant relief for infants with colic and stomach aches. It consists of a waistband and herbal pouch containing lavender, chamomile, lemon grass, peppermint, spearmint, wheat and flax seed. Which when heated for 15 to 20 seconds releases healing properties which provide almost immediate relief of most common stomach ailments. The waistband is adjustable with velcro straps, easy to clean and soft for the comfort of the baby and available in three colors; pink, blue, and green. Its dimensions are 24inches (60 cms).

100% Natural Herbs, Made in USA, Fast relief, Calms fussy babies, Relieves gas pain and stomach aches, Pediatrician recommended, Good for up to 40 uses, refills available. Refills can last up to 40 uses before they begin to lose their scent/ aroma, at which time replacement is recommended. If purchasing extra refills, be sure to store them in a cool, dry place. Do Not wash Herbal Pouches. Waistband can be washed in cold water. Material used is plush polyester, also it is free from lead and latex. The material used is soft and well made.

It helps ease away upset tummies for kids. Inside there is a muslin bag full of lavender that you just heat up in the microwave and pop back into the fuzzy pouch. Gives good relief for baby and make them fall asleep without any pain. A good product to calm down colicky baby.

Be very careful in using this product as overheating may cause rashes and burns, Ensure and double check the warmness on your own self before putting it on to child's waist.

It is simple to use, take the pouch out of the package. Place the herbal pouch for heating up to  15 – 20 seconds in Microwave. Test the heat of the herbal pouch on the inside of your arm to make sure that it is not too hot. Once you have ensured that the Happi Tummi is warm to the touch, but never HOT, put the pouch inside the cloth waistband and place over the baby’s abdomen. 

Safety Warning: Stop use and consult your pediatrician if new symptoms occur, gas pain gets worse or child develops a rash or is allergic to the product. When warmed, avoid contact with any hard Plastic or metal buttons, snaps or zippers that may be on babies clothing or diapers, may cause burns. 

About Company/Brand

Household Name Products Inc. is the exclusive producer of The Happi Tummi. It was established in 2004 and incorporated in California The Happi Tummi was invented out of necessity by Nanette Meneses, the owner and inventor of Happi Tummi and has been proven to provide nearly instant relief for infants with colic and stomach aches. 


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