1. The first photo
The first photo
After a long wait, Shahid’s fans finally got a glimpse of Misha. To be precise, Misha’s feet. The photo was very adorable and it was about Misha’s pink shoes. Captioned “Mi-shoe”, the photo made everyone go “Aww”.
2. Blurry sunset with Misha
Blurry sunset with Misha
After a considerable time post the first photo of Misha, Shahid uploaded a blur photo that showed him carrying Misha and was captioned “Sunsets with my angel.” He was very careful to not to take a proper and clear photo of her.
3. Hello World
Hello World
The black and white photo that spoke a thousand words were captioned “Hello World”. It was via this photo that Shahid introduced Misha to the world. It was a great photo that showed Mira sharing a loving moment with Misha.
4. Go Moo Moo
Go Moo Moo
This is a super-cute and super-adorable photo where Misha is lying on her baby mat and is in a playful mood. The caption of the photo says “Moo Moo here and a Moo Moo there”.
5. Setting summers goals
Setting summers goals
With this photo Shahid definitely set an all-new father goals and summer goals. He uploaded this photo, which was given the caption “Pool time with missy. #besttimes” The photo shows Shahid with Misha in a baby pool with Misha in his lap and sucking on his thumb.
6. Following Papa’s steps
Following Papa’s steps
This one probably made everyone watch the video again and again. The video was uploaded by Shahid on World Dance Day and was captioned “#worlddanceday#havefeetwilldance #mj dance is in your blood”. This video shows Shahid and Misha dancing along. Seems Shahid’s little girl has inherited Papa’s dancing skills.
7. Stars at her feet
Stars at her feet
This one is definitely the cutest of them all. Little stars adorned her tiny cute feet and he captioned the photo “Stars at her feet”. The photo is absolutely beautiful and shows how much Shahid adore’s her.