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All Rashi Modern Names Meaning 'Youthful'

Sr. NoGenderBaby NameMeaningFbLike
1 Boy Ayyapan Ever youthful
2 Boy Ayyappan Ever youthful
3 Boy Ayyappan God ayyappan, ever youthful
4 Boy Balakumar Youthful
5 Boy Balakumara Youthful
6 Girl Balamani Youthful, tender, small jewel, young jewel
7 Boy Balan Youthful
8 Boy Balan Vibrant, youthful
9 Boy Borna Young, youthful
10 Boy Chabeela Youthful, beauteous
11 Boy Chabeela Youthful, beauteous
12 Girl Ebe Youthful like a flower
13 Girl Edelia Always young, remains youthful
14 Girl Edelma A form of edelia, always young, remains youthful
15 Girl Elavarasi Youthful, princess
16 Girl Elavarasi Youthful, princess
17 Girl Evanya Youthful warrior
18 Boy Ilaiyavan Youthful
19 Boy Ilaiyavan Youthful
20 Boy Ilakiyen Youthful
21 Boy Ilamadhi Youthful and brilliant
22 Boy Ilamaran Youthful, brave
23 Boy Ilamaran Youthful and brave
24 Boy Ilamuhil Youthful, see muhilan, also mukil
25 Boy Ilamuhil Youthful
26 Boy Ilamurugu Youthful god murugan, also ilamurugan, young lord
27 Girl Ilanangai Youthful girl
28 Boy Ilancheliyan Full of youthful potential
29 Boy Ilancheliyan Full of youthful potential
30 Boy Ilancheral Youthful
31 Girl Ilavenil Spring, youthful
32 Boy Illamaran Youthful person
33 Boy Illamuhil Youthful cloud
34 Girl Illanankai Spring, youthful
35 Girl Illanankai Youthful
36 Girl Illankathir Youthful music
37 Boy Illavaenil Youthful season
38 Boy Illavaenill Youthful season
39 Boy Illavaenill Youthful season
40 Girl Illavarasi Youthful, princess
41 Girl Illavenil Spring, youthful
42 Girl Iyyai Lord iyyappan, youthful
43 Boy Iyyappan Lord iyyappan, youthful
44 Boy Iyyappan Lord iyyappan, youthful
45 Boy Iyyappan God iyyappan, youthful, see ayyappan, lord iyyappa
46 Girl Jill Youthful, girl, abbreviation of jillian or gillian
47 Girl Juli Youthful, jove's child, youth, descended from jupi
48 Girl Julia Youthful, soft haired, down-bearded youth, jove's
49 Girl Julia Youthful
50 Girl Juliana Youthful
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