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All Rashi Modern Names Meaning 'Worshipped'

Sr. NoGenderBaby NameMeaningFbLike
1 Boy Aadrit Respected, honoured, worshipped
2 Boy Aaradhy Worshipped
3 Boy Aaradhya Worshipped
4 Boy Adhish The god worshipped by the gods them selve
5 Boy Anchit Worshipped
6 Girl Anchita Honoured, worshipped
7 Boy Anjuli Worshipped
8 Girl Aradhita Worshipped,
9 Girl Archeeta One who is worshipped
10 Boy Archit Worshipped
11 Boy Archit Worshipped
12 Boy Archit Worshipped
13 Girl Archita Worshipped (woman)
14 Girl Archita One who is worshipped
15 Boy Arcita Worshipped
16 Girl Ardhya Worshipped
17 Boy Aryavrat Land of the worshipped
18 Girl Bandita Adored, worshipped, together
19 Boy Bhajan Worshipped, adoration, one who is absorbed in god'
20 Boy Bhuranyu Worshipped by the world, fast, anxious, efficient,
21 Girl Katyayani One who is worshipped by sage katyanan
22 Boy Lokapujya Worshipped by the universe. a name for lord hanuma
23 Boy Lokapujya Worshipped by the universe, lord hanumaan
24 Girl Matangamunipujita Worshipped by sage matanga
25 Boy Poojit Worshipped
26 Boy Poojit Worshipped
27 Girl Poojita Worshipped
28 Boy Poojith Worshipped
29 Boy Poojith One who is worshipped
30 Girl Poojitha The one who is worshipped
31 Girl Poojitha Worshipped
32 Girl Poonnamma Worshipped
33 Boy Pujesh Something worshipped
34 Boy Pujit Worshipped
35 Boy Pujit Worshipped
36 Girl Pujita Worshipped
37 Boy Pujya Respectable, worshipped person
38 Girl Pujyaswi Worshipped
39 Girl Pulomi Worshipped
40 Girl Rabhya Worshipped
41 Girl Rabhya Worshipped
42 Girl Ravya Worshipped
43 Girl Ravya Worshipped
44 Boy Surarchita Worshipped by celestials
45 Boy Surarchita Worshipped by celestials
46 Girl Surejya Worshipped by the gods
47 Boy Trimaan Worshipped in three worlds
48 Boy Triman One worshipped in the three worlds
49 Boy Triman One worshipped in the three worlds
50 Boy Triman Worshipped in three world's, worshipped in three w
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