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All Rashi Modern Names Meaning 'Wonderful'

Sr. NoGenderBaby NameMeaningFbLike
1 Girl Akshita Wonder girl, seen, wonderful girl, permanent, cons
2 Girl Akshita Wonder girl, seen, wonderful girl, permanent, cons
3 Boy Badaat Wonderful, surprising, outstripping in courage and
4 Girl Chimaye Wonderful, loved and blessed one, sent from god
5 Girl Chitraangada Decorated with wonderful bracelets
6 Girl Chitrajyoti Wonderfully glorious
7 Girl Chitrakesi Having wonderful hair
8 Girl Chitralata Wonderfulvine
9 Girl Chitrashi Moon, wonderful lord
10 Boy Chitravaj Owning wonderful riches
11 Boy Chitresh Moon, wonderful lord
12 Boy Chitresh Moon, wonderful lord
13 Boy Chitrish King of chitra, wonderful lord, another name for m
14 Boy Citrakuta Wonderful peak
15 Boy Citresa Lord of citra, wonderful lord, moon
16 Boy Citrisa Lord of citra, wonderful lord, moon
17 Boy Dasra Accomplishing wonderful deeds
18 Girl Finiashwari Wonderful
19 Boy Frashegird Wonderful
20 Girl Gwenith Wonderful, pretty*
21 Girl Hardika Wonderful, similar to hardik, full of love
22 Girl Harika Beloved by indra, wonderful
23 Girl Haryka Wonderful
24 Girl Koushani Wonderful
25 Girl Mira Admirable, aristrocratic lady, wonderful, peace, t
26 Girl Mira Wonderful
27 Girl Miranda Latin strange wonderful
28 Girl Miree Wonderful, peace, prosperous
29 Girl Myra Sweet, admirable, aristocratic lady, wonderful, qu
30 Girl Myria Prosperous, great, famous, astonishing, wonderful
31 Girl Parwah Supremely wonderful
32 Girl Parwah Supremely wonderful
33 Boy Perumaan Great king, wonderful king
34 Girl Saruchi Wonderful
35 Girl Shalya Wonderful
36 Boy Sree Beautiful, wonderfull, happy
37 Girl Supriya Talented, beloved, wonderful, cute, adorable, love
38 Boy Tamhane Wonderful, shashi in malayalam
39 Boy Vapus Wonderful, admirable
40 Girl Vishista Someone special, wonderful
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