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All Rashi Modern Names Meaning 'Woman'

Sr. NoGenderBaby NameMeaningFbLike
1 Girl Aalimah Woman scholar, authority
2 Girl Aanandi Always happy (woman)
3 Girl Aanandi Happy, cheerful, always happy woman, full of joy,
4 Girl Aanandi-aanandita Always happy woman
5 Girl Aani Fatimah khatoon female she was a literary woman an
6 Girl Abhijata Well born (woman)
7 Girl Abhijita Victorious woman
8 Girl Abhirupa Beautiful woman
9 Girl Abhirupa Beautiful woman
10 Girl Adiba Literary woman. authoress. cultured. polite.
11 Girl Adrita A respected woman
12 Girl Aesha Love, woman, life
13 Girl Aiesha Woman, alive, she who lives, life, lively, perfect
14 Girl Aighar Religious, righteous woman
15 Girl Aina Lightning, beautiful eyed woman, the only one, pur
16 Girl Aisha Living, prosperous, lively, woman, life, she is li
17 Girl Ameera Leader, princess, rich woman, similar to amira, we
18 Girl Ameera Princess. rich woman. leader. also a: well populat
19 Girl Anandhi Always happy woman
20 Girl Anandi A woman who always remains happy, joyful
21 Girl Anantashree Woman who has abundant money
22 Girl Andrea Manly, a man's woman, beautiful and dared, st andr
23 Girl Angana An suspicious or handsome woman
24 Girl Anganaa Beautiful woman
25 Girl Ansuya Learned woman, sage atri's wife
26 Girl Apala Name of a learned woman of the past
27 Girl Aparaajita Unconquerable woman
28 Girl Aqilah Intelligent woman
29 Girl Aqilah Intelligent woman
30 Girl Aqilahapurva Intelligent woman
31 Girl Aram Righteous woman, high, exalted
32 Girl Archita Worshipped (woman)
33 Girl Ariivu Wise understanding woman
34 Girl Aroob (woman) loving to her husband
35 Girl Asha Hope, aspiration, wish, desire, woman, divine law
36 Girl Ashia Woman, life, lively, wife of hindu god
37 Girl Ashiah Hope, woman, life
38 Girl Ayesha Daughter of the prophet, woman, life, aisha was th
39 Girl Babita Foreign woman, stranger
40 Girl Balavikarnika A river, apretty woman
41 Girl Banita Woman
42 Girl Banita Lady, woman, wife
43 Boy Banita Woman
44 Girl Barneeta Good woman
45 Girl Batool Ascetic virgin, maiden, a true devotee woman of al
46 Girl Bhaanumatee Beautiful woman
47 Girl Bhagada A lucky woman
48 Girl Bhamini Woman
49 Girl Bhamini Woman, beautiful, glorious
50 Girl Bhanuni Charming woman
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