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All Rashi Modern Names Meaning 'Wealthy'

Sr. NoGenderBaby NameMeaningFbLike
1 Boy Amir Rich, leader, from kikuyu, wealthy, ruler, king, e
2 Girl Ashira Wealthy
3 Boy Asul Wealthy
4 Boy Baasu Rich, wealthy
5 Girl Bapti Expanded,large, wealthy
6 Boy Basu Wealthy
7 Boy Bhagyaranth A fortunate and wealthy person
8 Boy Bindumat Has pearls, knows the truth, wealthy, wise
9 Boy Brhadasva Possesses mighty horses, strong, wealthy and fleet
10 Boy Chellvan Wealthy man
11 Boy Damos Bound, wealthy, fortunate
12 Boy Damosh Wealthy, fortunate
13 Boy Dara Lord, wealthy, possessing goodness, also a charact
14 Boy Dara Wealthy
15 Girl Daria Wealthy, rich, nugget of wisdom, maintain well, po
16 Boy Darian Possesses a lot wealthy
17 Boy Darien Possesses a lot wealthy
18 Boy Daulatbir Brave and wealthy
19 Boy Daulatbir Brave and wealthy
20 Girl Dhaani Wealthy, lord of wealth
21 Girl Dhana Wealthy
22 Girl Dhana Healthy, wealthy
23 Boy Dhanakoti Wealthy to crore
24 Boy Dhanbir Wealthy warrior
25 Girl Dhanika Rich, wealthy, opulent
26 Boy Dhanin Wealthy
27 Girl Dhanlaxmi Wealthy, goddess laxmi
28 Boy Dhanmeet Wealthy friend
29 Boy Dhanraaj Wealthy kingdom
30 Boy Dhansukh Rich, wealthy, happy
31 Boy Dhansukh Wealthy, happy
32 Boy Dhanva Wealthy, with a bow
33 Boy Dhanvant Wealthy
34 Boy Dhanvant Wealthy
35 Boy Dhanvant Wealthy
36 Boy Dhanvanth Wealthy
37 Girl Diki Healthy and wealthy
38 Boy Drava Flowing, liquid, property, wealthy
39 Boy Dravida Property owner, a landlord, wealthy
40 Girl Dvaarakaesvari Wealthy, successful
41 Girl Eda Wealthy
42 Girl Eda Wealthy
43 Girl Gnanaselvi Intelligence, wealthy
44 Girl Gomadhi Wealthy in cows
45 Girl Heral Wealthy
46 Girl Hiral Wealthy
47 Girl Hiranga Wealthy
48 Boy Hormaz Wealthy person
49 Boy Hriman Wealthy
50 Boy Hriman Wealthy
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