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All Rashi Modern Names Meaning 'Wave'

Sr. NoGenderBaby NameMeaningFbLike
1 Boy Adolchit One whose mind does not waver
2 Boy Akila Universe, not fixed, wavering
3 Boy Alaiarasan King of waves
4 Boy Alaiarasan King of waves
5 Girl Alaiarasi Queen of waves
6 Girl Alaimakal The daughter of waves
7 Girl Anandalahari Wave of happiness
8 Boy Arnava Ocean, stream, wave
9 Boy Biradol Brave and unwavering
10 Boy Dhilan Son of the waves
11 Boy Dhilan Son of the waves
12 Boy Dilan Loving, son of waves, faithful, loyal
13 Girl Genevieve Celtic white wave
14 Girl Hanima A wave
15 Girl Janessa From jennifer white wave and vanessa butterfly
16 Girl Jency Wave, smart, lovable person
17 Girl Jeni White wave, variant of jenny which is a diminutive
18 Girl Jenita White wave, god is gracious, variant of jenny whic
19 Girl Jennifer White wave, fair one, fair and smooth soft, smooth
20 Girl Jennifer White wave
21 Girl Jennifer White wave
22 Girl Jennifer Fair one, pure and yielding, white wave
23 Girl Jenny White wave, diminutive of jane and jennifer, white
24 Girl Kallol Large waves, gurgling of water
25 Boy Kallola Joy, a huge wave, happiness, pleasure
26 Girl Kalpanarani Large waves
27 Boy Krina Light waves of sun
28 Girl Kunjan Waves of sounds
29 Boy Lahar Wave
30 Boy Lahar Wave
31 Girl Lahari Sweet music, sound of waves
32 Girl Lahari Waves, tender
33 Girl Laharika Waves of ocean
34 Boy Lahiri Wave
35 Boy Lak Wave
36 Girl Lavalikha Waves
37 Boy Lehar Wave
38 Boy Lehar Wave
39 Girl Lehar Wave
40 Girl Leher Wave
41 Girl Lohori Wave
42 Boy Naamadol Unwavering in naam
43 Boy Naamadol Unwavering in naam
44 Boy Nami Of great re-known, wave
45 Girl Nishchala Unwavering
46 Girl Nistaranga Laxmi, one who moves like ocean waves
47 Boy Ogan Wave
48 Boy Ogan Wave
49 Boy Ojan Wave, assembles, united
50 Girl Oormika Wave, humming of a bee
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