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All Rashi Modern Names Meaning 'Virtuous'

Sr. NoGenderBaby NameMeaningFbLike
1 Girl Afaf Chastity, virtuous, decent, pure
2 Boy Affan Chaste, modest, virtuous, pure
3 Girl Afifa Honest, upright, virtuous, pure
4 Boy Aghaghna Destroyer of sin, one who pious, virtuous, god vis
5 Boy Akama Chaste, virtuous
6 Boy Amalatman Pure minded, virtuous
7 Girl Aninditha Virtuous, venerated
8 Boy Apiguna One with attributes, excellent, virtuous
9 Boy Apu Virtuous, divine, to be pure, flawless
10 Girl Araja Pure, clean, virtuous
11 Boy Aryamik Noble, virtuous
12 Boy Asad Virtuous, pious, happier, luckier, lion, fortunate
13 Boy Bhadraka Good, virtuous
14 Boy Bhattara Noble lord, meritorious, virtuous
15 Boy Bhavik Devout, well meaning, virtuous, happy
16 Boy Bhrngara A vessel of fire, meritorious, virtuous
17 Boy Brahmadhvaja A banner of brahma, meritorious, virtuous
18 Boy Brbutska Liberal, generous, virtuous
19 Boy Brian Honorable, strength, high, noble, virtuous, hill,
20 Girl Briana Noble, virtuous. the feminine of brian
21 Girl Devamati Godly minded, virtuous
22 Boy Devram Absorbed in divine needs, virtuous
23 Boy Dharamendra Righteous, virtuous man
24 Boy Dharmadhvaja Dharma bannered, extremely virtuous, religious
25 Boy Dhritvan Resolute, the sea, the sky, virtuous, clever, name
26 Boy Dhrtvan Steadfast, resolute, the sea, clever, virtuous
27 Girl Fadilah Virtuous, outstanding, superior, cultured and refi
28 Girl Fadilah-fadheela Virtuous, outstanding, superior, cultured and refi
29 Girl Garati Virtuous woman
30 Boy Gumwant Virtuous
31 Girl Gunabati Virtuous
32 Boy Gunaj Virtuous maiden
33 Boy Gunaja Virtuous maiden
34 Boy Gunaja Virtuous maiden
35 Girl Gunalakshmi Rose, lakshmi the virtuous
36 Girl Gunali Virtuous maiden
37 Boy Gunamay Virtuous
38 Boy Gunamay Virtuous
39 Boy Gunaseelan Virtuous
40 Boy Gunasekaran Virtuous
41 Boy Gunasekaran Virtuous
42 Boy Gunashekaran Virtuous
43 Boy Gunashraj Virtuous, excellent
44 Girl Gunavara Better in qualities, virtuous
45 Boy Gunavat Virtuous
46 Boy Gunavata Virtuous
47 Boy Gunavati Virtuous
48 Girl Gunavati Virtuous
49 Girl Gunaveena Virtuous
50 Boy Gunbir Virtuous and brave
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