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All Rashi Modern Names Meaning 'Truthful'

Sr. NoGenderBaby NameMeaningFbLike
1 Boy Abrar A truthful person, saint
2 Girl Aili Truthful
3 Girl Alicia Truthful
4 Girl Alisha Truthful
5 Girl Alissia Truthful
6 Girl Alisyn Truthful
7 Girl Alita Small winged one, truthful, nobel
8 Girl Alley Truthful
9 Girl Allise Truthful
10 Girl Ally Truthful
11 Girl Almira Princess, truthful, aristocratic lady, basket for
12 Girl Alysse Truthful
13 Boy Amudhan Truthful, sweet
14 Boy Aryaka The noble, the truthful
15 Girl Aryaka The noble, the truthful
16 Boy Bindusara Excellent pearl, truthful
17 Boy Enavada One with a spotted speech, truthful
18 Boy Evavad Truthful
19 Boy Evavada Truthful
20 Girl Gariana Truthful
21 Girl Hrithika Heart, truthfull
22 Girl Lisha Truthful
23 Boy Maharta Truthful
24 Boy Maharth Very truthful
25 Boy Maharth Very truthful
26 Boy Manjeev To live like truthful mind
27 Boy Manojpreet Love for truthful heart
28 Girl Meethi Truthful
29 Girl Meethi Sweet, truthful
30 Boy Meyyalagan Truthful and handsome
31 Girl Meyyammal Truthful girl
32 Boy Meyyan Truthful
33 Boy Meyyappan Truthful
34 Boy Meyyarasan Truthful
35 Girl Meyyarasi Truthful
36 Boy Miithi Truthful
37 Girl Mithi Truthful
38 Girl Mithi Truthful
39 Boy Najeeb Of noble descent, truthful, real, excellent, noble
40 Boy Nishchit Truthful, genuine, firm
41 Girl Ratu Queen, truthful, true speech
42 Boy Ritayin The truthful
43 Boy Rituparn Fertile, truthful
44 Girl Rosa Rose, little rose, flower name, truthful, kindness
45 Boy Saacha Truthful
46 Boy Saacha Truthful
47 Boy Sadik Truthful
48 Boy Sadiq Kingly, friend, sincere, truthful origin muslim, t
49 Girl Sadiqah Truthful, sincere
50 Girl Sadvati Righteous, truthful, pious
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