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All Rashi Modern Names Meaning 'Triumph'

Sr. NoGenderBaby NameMeaningFbLike
1 Girl Abhijiti Triumph
2 Boy Agamjit God's triumph
3 Boy Ajitesh Triumphant
4 Girl Akaljeet Triumph of god
5 Girl Atinderjeet God's triumph
6 Girl Atinderjeet God's triumph
7 Boy Bijeta Triumphantly
8 Boy Brahamjeet God's triumph
9 Girl Brahamjeet God's triumph
10 Boy Brahamjeet God's triumph
11 Boy Brahmajeet God's triumph
12 Boy Devjeet God's triumph
13 Boy Devjeet God's triumph
14 Boy Devjeet God's triumph
15 Boy Devjith God's triumph
16 Boy Digvijay Big victory, triumph, conqueror
17 Girl Ekanjeet God's triumph
18 Boy Ekanjeet God's triumph
19 Boy Ekanjeet God's triumph
20 Boy Fateh Victory, conqueror, triumph, the victorious one
21 Girl Fauzia Victorious. triumphant. successful
22 Boy Fawzi Successful, triumph
23 Boy Ghalib Excellent, winner, conqueror, victorious, triumpha
24 Boy Gurjinder Triumph of the guru
25 Boy Gurjit Triumph of the guru
26 Girl Gurjit Triumph of the guru
27 Girl Harjeet God's triumph, victor
28 Boy Harjeet God's triumph, victor
29 Boy Inderjeet God's triumph
30 Boy Inderjeet God's triumph
31 Boy Inderjit Triumph of the lord
32 Boy Intisaar Triumph
33 Girl Intisaar Triumph
34 Girl Intisaar Triumph
35 Girl Intisar Triumph
36 Boy Jaicandra Triumph of the moon
37 Boy Jaideva Lord of triumph
38 Boy Jaigata Triumphing
39 Boy Jaigopala The triumphant gopala
40 Boy Jaimin Strifes to triumph
41 Boy Jaimin Strifes to triumph
42 Boy Jaipala Guardian of triumph, king
43 Boy Janamejaya Triumphant from birth, victory on birth
44 Boy Jayada Causing triumph
45 Girl Jigeesha Strifes to triumph
46 Girl Jigisa Strifes to triumph
47 Boy Jigish Strifes to triumph
48 Girl Jigisha Strifes to triumph
49 Boy Jigishu Strifes to triumph
50 Boy Jigisu Strifes to triumph
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