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All Rashi Modern Names Meaning 'Tranquil'

Sr. NoGenderBaby NameMeaningFbLike
1 Girl Aaruthira Mellowness, tranquility, softness
2 Boy Asita Tranquil, dark, blue, warm, hot, the sun
3 Boy Galen Calm tranquil
4 Boy Gaylon Calm tranquil
5 Girl Ksema Safety, security, welfare, tranquillity
6 Girl Kshema Durga, peaceful, tranquil
7 Boy Laya Music, rhythm, decline, tranquillity or the lull a
8 Boy Laya Music, rhythm, decline, tranquillity or the lull a
9 Girl Naima-naimah Comfort, amenity, tranquility, peace
10 Boy Naamsaihaj Tranquillity in naam
11 Boy Naeem Comfort, ease, tranquil, benevolent, blessing
12 Boy Naeem Comfort, ease, tranquil
13 Boy Naim Comfort, ease, tranquility
14 Boy Naim To comfort, ease, tranquillity, comfort
15 Girl Naima Belonging to one, graceful, comfort, tranquil, to
16 Boy Prabhsaihaj Attaining tranquillity through god
17 Boy Prashal Cool, tranquil
18 Girl Prashami Calm, tranquil
19 Girl Quiterie Tranquil
20 Boy Saahil Deeply tranquil shore
21 Boy Saihajanand One with blissful tranquillity
22 Boy Saihajraman Cherishing peace and tranquillity
23 Boy Saihajras Elixir attained through tranquility
24 Boy Saihajsaroop Beauteous tranquillity
25 Boy Saihajseetal One in equipoise and tranquillity
26 Girl Sakeena God-inspired peace of mind, tranquillity, devout
27 Girl Sakeena God-inspired peace of mind, tranquility
28 Girl Sakina Friend, tranquillity calm, devout, god-inspired pe
29 Girl Sakina Tranquility, devout
30 Girl Sakinah-sakeena God-inspired peace of mind, tranquility
31 Boy Saleem Healthy, tranquillity, peaceful origin african, so
32 Boy Salem Safe, peace, tranquillity, peaceful origin african
33 Boy Salim Happy, peaceful, safe, sound, tranquillity, anothe
34 Girl Santaa Saint, holy person, tranquillity
35 Girl Santaa Saint, holy person, tranquillity
36 Girl Santi Saint, tranquillity, peace
37 Girl Sehaj Patience, state of peace and balance, tranquility
38 Girl Serena Clear, tranquil, serene
39 Girl Sermi Clear, tranquil
40 Boy Shantsaihaj One in tranquillity
41 Boy Shiloh Tranquil and peaceful
42 Boy Somachandra The tranquil moon
43 Boy Somil Tranquil
44 Girl Somila Tranquil
45 Girl Somila Tranquil
46 Boy Timit Calm, tranquil, steady, quiet
47 Boy Visrama Tranquil, at ease
48 Boy Vitarag Calm, tranquil
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