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All Rashi Modern Names Meaning 'The sun'

Sr. NoGenderBaby NameMeaningFbLike
101 Boy Arunesh The sun
102 Girl Arunita Bright like rays of the sun
103 Boy Arusa Calm, bright, the sun
104 Boy Arusha Calm, bright, the sun
105 Girl Arushi First ray of the sun
106 Girl Arusi Calm, bright, the sun, kills, born at the time of
107 Girl Aryama The sun
108 Girl Aryama The sun
109 Boy Aryama The sun
110 Boy Aryaman The sun
111 Boy Aryaman The sun
112 Boy Ashman Son of the sun
113 Boy Asho Head of the sun
114 Boy Asita Tranquil, dark, blue, warm, hot, the sun
115 Boy Athitya The sun.
116 Boy Atnu The sun
117 Boy Avi The sun and air
118 Boy Avi The sun and air, honest, my father is exalted
119 Boy Aviraj To shine as bright as the sun
120 Boy Ayan Movement of sun when the sun rising, something kno
121 Girl Ayla Circle of cristalic light around the sun or moon,
122 Girl Bhaanupriya Beloved of the sun
123 Boy Bhaaskar The sun
124 Boy Bhanpreet Love for the sun
125 Boy Bhanu The sun
126 Boy Bhanu The sun
127 Boy Bhanudas A devotee of the sun
128 Boy Bhanudas A devotee of the sun, follower of the sun
129 Boy Bhanudatta Offered by the sun, sacred
130 Boy Bhanuja Son of the sun
131 Boy Bhanukopa With a blazing anger, as angry as the sun
132 Girl Bhanupriya Beloved of the sun
133 Girl Bhanupriya;bhaanupriya Beloved of the sun
134 Girl Bhanupriya;bhaanupriya Beloved of the sun
135 Girl Bhanushree Brightness of the sun
136 Girl Bhanushri Brightness of the sun, rays of goddess laxmi
137 Boy Bhashkar The sun
138 Boy Bhaskar The sun
139 Boy Bhaskari Son of the sun, one who brings glory
140 Girl Bhavnee The sun
141 Boy Bhibhavasu The sun and fire
142 Boy Bhubandeep The sun
143 Boy Bibhavasu The sun, fire
144 Boy Bimbaka The disc of the sun or the moon, lord of images
145 Boy Bradhna Pale red, mighty, the world of the sun
146 Boy Cakra Wheel, circle, discus, the sun
147 Boy Chakra Wheel, circle, discus, the sun
148 Boy Chayapathi The sun
149 Boy Chintu The sun
150 Boy Chitrabhanu The sun, fire
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