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All Rashi Modern Names Meaning 'The sky'

Sr. NoGenderBaby NameMeaningFbLike
1 Boy Aakash The sky
2 Boy Aakash The sky
3 Boy Aakashdeep The sky, vast like the sky
4 Boy Aakesh Lord of the sky
5 Girl Additi Goddess of the sky and fertility
6 Boy Adhith Goddess of the sky and fertility.
7 Girl Adhithi Goddess of the sky and fertility.
8 Girl Adithi Goddess of the sky and fertility.
9 Girl Adithy Goddess of the sky and fertility.
10 Boy Ajitaabh Victor, one who has conquered the sky, whose lustr
11 Boy Ajitabh One who has conquered the sky
12 Boy Akaas As vast as the sky
13 Boy Akaas As vast as the sky
14 Boy Akaash As vast as the sky
15 Girl Akasadipa A lamp in the sky
16 Boy Akash As vast as the sky
17 Boy Akashbir Brave as the sky
18 Boy Akashdvip Star of the sky
19 Girl Akshdeep The lamp of light in the sky
20 Girl Ambar The sky
21 Boy Ambareesh Variant of 'ambarish', king of the sky
22 Boy Ambareesh King of the sky
23 Boy Ambarisa Ruler of the sky, atmosphere
24 Boy Ambarish Name of lord shiva, the sky
25 Boy Ambarisha Lord of the sky
26 Boy Ambastha Devotee of the sky, one who resides in water
27 Boy Amber The sky
28 Boy Amberam The sky
29 Girl Amberleigh The sky
30 Girl Amberley The sky
31 Girl Amberlie The sky
32 Boy Amrik Nectar, god of the sky, perfectionist
33 Girl Araseli Alter in the sky.
34 Girl Arshdeep A candle in the sky
35 Boy Arshdeep Lamp of the sky, light of universe
36 Girl Arshpreet Love for the sky
37 Boy Asman The sky
38 Boy Auttamika Connected to the gods of the sky, pious
39 Boy Byomkesh Ruler of the sky
40 Boy Chidambar One whose heart is as big as the sky
41 Boy Debendranath Lord of the sky
42 Boy Dhritvan Resolute, the sea, the sky, virtuous, clever, name
43 Boy Digbhraja Fire of the sky, the sun
44 Boy Divavasu Treasure of the sky
45 Girl Divolka Firebrand in the sky, a meteor
46 Boy Fabian Bean grower, grower of beans, the sky, a bean, one
47 Boy Falak The sky
48 Boy Falak The sky, heaven
49 Girl Gagana The sky
50 Girl Gagana The sky
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