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All Rashi Modern Names Meaning 'The moon'

Sr. NoGenderBaby NameMeaningFbLike
1 Boy Aghama The moon
2 Boy Agharna The moon
3 Girl Agharna The moon
4 Boy Agharna The moon
5 Boy Amalendu Pure like the moon, the unblemished moon
6 Girl Amaris God has promised, child of the moon, pledged by go
7 Boy Amaris Child of the moon
8 Girl Ambika Goddess of the moon
9 Boy Amritakar The moon
10 Boy Amrta That which emits nectar, another name for the moon
11 Boy Amruthamshu The moon
12 Boy Ansumat Bearer of rays, luminous, the moon
13 Boy Arvan One of the moon's horses
14 Boy Ayank The moon
15 Girl Ayda In the moon
16 Boy Badruddin The moon of the faith
17 Girl Bharatendu The moon of india
18 Boy Bimbaka The disc of the sun or the moon, lord of images
19 Boy Candaka The shining one, pleasing, the moon
20 Boy Candrabhana Lustrous as the moon
21 Girl Candradara River on the moon
22 Boy Candraja Born of the moon
23 Boy Candrakin Wearing the moon, the peacock who has a moonlike e
24 Boy Candramohan Attractive as the moon
25 Boy Candranatha King of the moon
26 Girl Candrani Consort of the moon
27 Boy Candransu Moon-beam, with the lustre of the moon
28 Boy Candrata Nectar of the moon
29 Boy Candresa Lord of the moon, lord shiva
30 Boy Candresta Beloved of the moon
31 Boy Candrila Possessing the moon, lord shiva
32 Girl Candrima Light of the moon
33 Boy Canduri Like the moon
34 Girl Chaand The moon
35 Boy Chakor A bird enamoured of the moon
36 Girl Chakori Alert, a bird enamoured of the moon
37 Girl Chakori Alert, a bird enamoured of the moon
38 Girl Chandaa The moon
39 Boy Chandak The moon
40 Boy Chander Raj kigdom of the moon
41 Boy Chanderraj Kigdom of the moon
42 Boy Chanderjeet Conquer of the moon
43 Boy Chanderjit One who has conquered the moon
44 Boy Chanderjit One who has conquered the moon
45 Boy Chandermohan Attractive like the moon
46 Boy Chandermohan Attractive like the moon
47 Boy Chandra The moon, a shining moon, night of twilight
48 Boy Chandrakumar The moon
49 Girl Chandraane Wife of the moon god
50 Boy Chandraayan The moon
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