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All Rashi Modern Names Meaning 'Test'

Sr. NoGenderBaby NameMeaningFbLike
1 Boy Adadah Testimony of the assembly
2 Boy Adhunik Latest, modern
3 Boy Adithaim Assemblies, testimonies
4 Boy Akbar Powerful, greatest, bigger
5 Girl Alli Greatest. a variant of allah - the supreme being i
6 Girl Amuda Sweetest food
7 Boy Anwar Devotee of god, lustrous, shiny, brightest, most b
8 Boy Arva Fastest motion wind
9 Boy Asadha The hottest month in the indian calender
10 Girl Ashwitha Greatest
11 Girl Atinder Greatest god
12 Boy Azam Offspring, variant of a'zam, greatest, biggest
13 Boy Charlie Cutest boy
14 Boy Charlie Cutest boy
15 Girl Danu Sweetest, noisy, high pitched, swift flowing
16 Boy Garistha Heaviest, greatest
17 Boy Guruttam The greatest teacher
18 Boy Guruttam The greatest teacher
19 Boy Guruttam The greatest teacher
20 Girl Hanisha Sweetest, beautiful night, sweet as honey
21 Boy Hitendra Greatest of all benefactors
22 Boy Iniavelan Sweetest boy
23 Boy Ishwarchandra The greatest god
24 Boy Jehoadah Passing over, testimony of the lord.
25 Boy Jehu God livesbible ref.:  1 kings 16:7, old testament
26 Girl Kasak Test
27 Girl Kena Greatest champion
28 Girl Krshnavi The thing which is sweetest to lord krishna
29 Boy Laadah To assemble together, to testify, passing over.
30 Boy Maadiah Pleasantness, the testimony of the lord
31 Boy Madhuveer Sweetest win
32 Boy Mahadeva Greatest god
33 Boy Mahanteerath Greatest holy place
34 Boy Mahayogi Greatest of all gods
35 Girl Maheen Greatest
36 Girl Mahin Greatest, related to the moon
37 Boy Martir He who gives a testament of faith
38 Boy Max Short form of maximillian, or maxwell, greatest
39 Boy Maximilliam Latin greatest
40 Boy Maximillian The greatest
41 Girl Maxine The greatest
42 Boy Maxwell Short form of maximillian, or maxwell, greatest
43 Girl Mudiarasi Greatest queen
44 Boy Naivya New, modern, fresh, latest, recent
45 Girl Nissy Sign, the test
46 Girl Pakima Sweetest
47 Girl Paramaesvari The greatest of warriors
48 Girl Parambir The greatest of warriors
49 Girl Parambir The greatest of warriors
50 Boy Parambir The greatest of warriors
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