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All Rashi Modern Names Meaning 'Sound'

Sr. NoGenderBaby NameMeaningFbLike
1 Boy Aarv Melodious / good sound / music
2 Boy Aarv Peaceful, melodious, good sound, music
3 Boy Abhidha Name, word, sound
4 Boy Aghosh Quiet, soundless
5 Boy Ahem Throat clearing sound
6 Boy Ambava Water like, making a sound like running water
7 Boy Artemas 'whole, sound'
8 Girl Artemis Whole, sound.
9 Boy Ashvaghosha Sound of the horse
10 Boy Aum Sound of hindu origin om
11 Boy Awaz Sound
12 Boy Bhismasvaraja Not affected by noise sound
13 Girl Damaruki Sound of emotion
14 Boy Dhaivat Sound of sa re ga ma
15 Girl Dhavni Music, cruel against sound, noise
16 Boy Dhuni Roaring, loud sounding
17 Boy Dhvani Sound, thunder
18 Girl Dhvani Sound stages, sound
19 Girl Dhvani Sound
20 Boy Dhvanil The sound from heaven
21 Boy Dhvanil The sound from heaven
22 Boy Dhvanish Sound
23 Boy Dhvanya Sound
24 Girl Dhwani Sound, melody
25 Boy Dhwani Sound, voice
26 Girl Dhwanii The sound from heaven
27 Boy Dhwanil Sound of wind
28 Boy Dhwanil Sound of wind
29 Boy Dhwanit Sound
30 Boy Dhwanit Sound
31 Girl Dhwni Sound
32 Boy Druvam The enduring sound, heaven, certainly, eternally
33 Girl Echo Return of sound
34 Girl Echo Return of sound
35 Boy Gabby Sound of god, hero of god
36 Boy Ghantin One who sounds like a bell, lord shiva
37 Girl Gitisha Seven sound of song
38 Girl Gunj The sound
39 Boy Hakesa King of sound
40 Boy Hakesh Lord of sound
41 Boy Hakesh Lord of sound
42 Boy Hakkesh Lord of sound
43 Boy Haleem Lord of sound
44 Girl Hansdhwani Vocal sound of swan
45 Boy Hrada Sound, noise, roar, reality
46 Boy Jap To make melodic sounds
47 Girl Jayaseela Safe, sound
48 Boy Jhenkar Humming sound of the bee
49 Boy Kalakala A sort of sound imitation, like a river flow
50 Boy Kalhana Knower of meaning, knowing, sound, reader
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