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All Rashi Modern Names Meaning 'Song'

Sr. NoGenderBaby NameMeaningFbLike
1 Boy Abhigeet Praised in song
2 Boy Abhigita Praised in song
3 Girl Abhigurti Songs of gratitude
4 Girl Agamani Asong of welcome
5 Boy Ahishar Brother of a prince, brother of a song
6 Boy Alamgeet Song of the universe
7 Boy Alap Development of the tune before the song is sung
8 Boy Amalgeet Pure song
9 Boy Amangreet Song of peace
10 Boy Amargeet Immortal song
11 Girl Amitusha An ancient bengali writer who wrote songs for nepo
12 Boy Anandgeet Blissful song
13 Boy Anath Answer, song, poverty.
14 Boy Anathoth Answer, song, poverty.
15 Boy Aner Answer, song, affliction
16 Girl Aner Answer, song, affliction.
17 Girl Angai Song
18 Girl Antra Middle part of a song
19 Girl Anupallavi Part of a song
20 Boy Araunah Ark, song, joyful cry
21 Girl Arutpa Divine song
22 Girl Arutpa Divine song
23 Boy Atamgeet Blissful song of the soul
24 Boy Bethany 'the house of song, the house of affliction'
25 Girl Bulbul A songbird, nightingale
26 Girl Bulbul A songbird, nightingale
27 Girl Bulbuli A songbird
28 Girl Carma Garden or field of fruits, song, garden
29 Girl Carmen Song catherine pure
30 Boy Carmine Song
31 Girl Caroline Little and womanly, song of happiness, female vers
32 Girl Carrie;carol;caroline Song of joy
33 Girl Carrie;carol;caroline Song of joy
34 Girl Charmaine Song, variant of charles manly, little and womanly
35 Boy Dalgeet Team songs
36 Boy Dalgeet Team songs
37 Boy Darshangeet Songs of vision
38 Boy Darshangeet Songs of vision
39 Boy Devagyan A divine song
40 Boy Dharamgeet Religious songs
41 Girl Divani Madly love songs
42 Girl Divgeet Divine song
43 Girl Dodiya Asong bird
44 Girl Doyal A song bird
45 Girl Doyel A songbird
46 Girl Doyel A song-birl
47 Boy Eelamynthan Song of eelam
48 Girl Ehani Song
49 Girl Filemona A form of philomena, love song, love one
50 Girl Ganavi Singing song, melody
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