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All Rashi Modern Names Meaning 'Snow'

Sr. NoGenderBaby NameMeaningFbLike
1 Girl Aneira Snow
2 Girl Bisa Greatly loved, water, snow
3 Girl Bora Snow, excellent, brave, foreign, stranger, strange
4 Boy Genty Snow
5 Girl Haima Goddess parvati, snow
6 Boy Haima Snow, frost, dew, golden
7 Girl Haima Goddess parvati, snow
8 Girl Haimi Golden, goddess parvati, snow
9 Girl Hemaani Full of snow, river
10 Boy Hemai Snow
11 Boy Him Snow, ice, bright
12 Boy Hima Hima, snow, winter
13 Girl Hima Snow, winter
14 Girl Hima Snow, bindu
15 Girl Hima Snow
16 Girl Himavarsha Snow rain
17 Boy Himaadri Snow mountain
18 Girl Himaani Snow
19 Girl Himabaala Daughter of snow
20 Girl Himabindu Snow drop
21 Girl Himabindu Drop of a snow
22 Boy Himacala Abode of snow
23 Girl Himadri Peak of snow, the himalaya mountain
24 Girl Himadri Peak of snow
25 Boy Himajyoti With snowlike light
26 Boy Himakara Snow handed, causing cold, the moon
27 Boy Himambu Water of snow
28 Girl Himanee Snow
29 Girl Himangini Made of snow
30 Boy Himani Parvati, snow
31 Girl Himani Parvati, snow
32 Boy Himanjay Winner of snow land
33 Girl Himanshi Part of snow
34 Girl Himanshi Part of snow
35 Boy Himanta End of winter, cold, snow, ice
36 Girl Himantha End of the snow
37 Girl Himanya Snow
38 Girl Himarashmi Full of snow
39 Boy Himarati Enemy of snow, fire
40 Girl Himashweta As white as snow
41 Girl Himasuta Daughter of snow
42 Girl Himatha Always smiling, fog, snow
43 Girl Himavaahini Snow armed force
44 Boy Himavan Cold, having snow
45 Girl Himavarna Snow color
46 Girl Himavarsha Snow rain
47 Girl Himavarsha Snow rain
48 Girl Himavraja King of snow
49 Boy Himay Snow
50 Girl Himesh Snow, ice, bright
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