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All Rashi Modern Names Meaning 'Small'

Sr. NoGenderBaby NameMeaningFbLike
1 Girl Aashiyana Beautiful home, small dwelling, nest
2 Boy Aayan Speed, bright, a small but the first part of an el
3 Boy Abhiratra Small
4 Girl Adela Nobility, noble kind, softer, small winged one
5 Girl Adhrika Small mountain
6 Boy Adrik Small mountain, of the adriatic, man from adria
7 Girl Adrika Small mountain
8 Girl Alita Small winged one, truthful, nobel
9 Boy Alopa Small morsel
10 Girl Alpa Small
11 Boy Anudeep Small diya
12 Girl Anukrati Small beautiful creation
13 Girl Anukrti Small beautiful creation
14 Girl Anwika Small stream or river
15 Boy Ashu Small, quick
16 Girl Babay Small kid
17 Girl Bakeruka A small crane
18 Boy Balakk Small baby
19 Girl Balamani Youthful, tender, small jewel, young jewel
20 Girl Balamani Young jewel, small jewel
21 Boy Balanag Small snake, lord shiva
22 Boy Banning Small and fair, one who reads the banns, blond chi
23 Girl Batuk Small
24 Girl Bindi Small round to wear on forehead, a decorative mark
25 Girl Bindya Small red dot, bindi that married women wear on th
26 Boy Boulos Small, humble
27 Boy Chanti A small kid
28 Girl Charlene Small beauty
29 Girl Charlene Small beauty
30 Boy Cheenu Small
31 Boy Chinnamani Small / little pearl
32 Boy Chinnamuthu Small pearl
33 Boy Chitti Small
34 Boy Chotu Small
35 Girl Chunti A small ruby
36 Girl Coral Small stone
37 Girl Coral Small stone
38 Boy Dandaka A small staff, a pole, a handle
39 Girl Darpanika A small mirror
40 Boy Darren Small, rocky hill
41 Boy Dell Small valley.
42 Girl Dimple A small, natural hollow on the surface of the body
43 Girl Dip Small light like candle, small lamp
44 Girl Dipika A small lamp
45 Girl Geethika Small song
46 Girl Geethika A song, small song
47 Girl Ghaada Beautiful, a small song
48 Boy Girvan Small rough one
49 Boy Girven Rough, small rough one
50 Girl Githika A small song
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