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All Rashi Modern Names Meaning 'Sight'

Sr. NoGenderBaby NameMeaningFbLike
1 Boy Aloka Vision, sight, aspect, lustre, splendour
2 Boy Amura Wise, intelligent, sharpsighted
3 Girl Anveeksha Reflection, meditation, searching, sight
4 Girl Anveksha Meditation, searching, sight
5 Boy Baladhi Deep insight
6 Boy Beena A musical instrument, seeing, clear sighted
7 Girl Beena A musical instrument, seeing, clear sighted
8 Boy Brhadiksu Broadminded, with great insight
9 Boy Caksas Look, sight, radiance, a teacher
10 Girl Cecile Latin dim-sighted
11 Girl Cecily Latin dim-sighted
12 Girl Cicilia Latin dim-sighted
13 Girl Darishti Sight
14 Girl Darsana Seeing, sight
15 Boy Darshan Sight, view, to perceive, vision, philosophy, payi
16 Boy Darshana Seeing, sight, darshan
17 Girl Darshana;darsana Seeing, sight
18 Girl Darshana;darsana Seeing, sight
19 Girl Darshinika Sight
20 Girl Darshita Good morning, sight
21 Boy Darshvijay Victory on sight
22 Boy Deedar Sight or view (also see didar)
23 Girl Dhrashti Sight
24 Boy Dhrish Sight
25 Girl Dhrishtika Sight
26 Girl Dhristi Sight
27 Girl Dhrithi Sight
28 Boy Didar Appearance, sight, view, vision, look
29 Girl Drashti Opinion, eyesight, vision of eye
30 Girl Drashti Sight
31 Girl Drashti Eyesight
32 Girl Drasthi Sight
33 Boy Drish Sight, love
34 Boy Drishtee Eye sight
35 Girl Drishthi Sight
36 Girl Drishti Sight
37 Girl Drishti Sight, vision, eyesight
38 Girl Drishti;dristi Focus, eyesight
39 Girl Drishty Sight
40 Boy Drishy Sight
41 Girl Drishy Sight
42 Boy Drishya Sight
43 Girl Drishya Sight
44 Girl Dristi Sight
45 Girl Dristi Sight
46 Girl Drsadvati Sight
47 Boy Drstiguru Lord of sight, lord shiva
48 Boy Horace Has good eyesight
49 Boy Horatio Has good eyesight
50 Girl Idha Insight
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