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All Rashi Modern Names Meaning 'Shiva'

Sr. NoGenderBaby NameMeaningFbLike
1 Boy Aadhikara Lord shiva
2 Boy Aadya Light, the earliest, lord shiva
3 Boy Aalekh Learned, shiva
4 Boy Aarohan Climbing up, name of shiva
5 Boy Aaruththiran Lord shiva
6 Boy Aashu Lord shiva
7 Boy Aashu Its a another name of lord shiva.
8 Boy Abhav Lord shiva
9 Boy Abhav Lord shiva
10 Boy Abhirupa Pleasing form, handsome, charming, lord shiva and
11 Boy Abinay Lord shiva
12 Boy Achalesvara God of the immovable, another name for shiva
13 Boy Achinta Lord shiva, vishnu
14 Boy Achintya Lord shiva, inconceivable, beyond comprehension
15 Boy Adhamb Straightforward, lord shiva
16 Boy Adhiraiyan Name of lord shiva in tamil
17 Boy Adhisankaran First god lord shiva
18 Boy Adish Lord shiva, fire
19 Boy Adishwara Lord shiva
20 Boy Aghor Shiva
21 Boy Aghoranath Lord shiva
22 Boy Aghornath Lord shiva
23 Girl Agninayan Shiva
24 Boy Agninyan Lord shiva
25 Boy Ahanpati Lord of the day, lord shivaand the sun
26 Boy Aharpati Lord of the day, another name for sun and shiva
27 Boy Ahibhusan The god shiva
28 Boy Ahidhar Who wears serpents, lord shiva
29 Boy Aiyappan Of vishnu and shiva, ayya means vishnu and appa me
30 Girl Aiyappan Of vishnu and shiva
31 Boy Ajakara Protector of cattle, the bull of shiva
32 Boy Ajat Birthless, lord shiva
33 Boy Ajath Birth less like lord shiva
34 Girl Ajath Birthless, shiva, vishnu, jina
35 Girl Ajatha One who has no enemies, shiva
36 Boy Ajisa Lord of goats, lord shiva
37 Boy Akalapathi Lord shiva
38 Boy Akalendra Lord shiva
39 Boy Akalesvara Lord shiva
40 Boy Akashaling Shivalinga at chidambaram
41 Boy Akhilash King of all, lord shiva
42 Boy Aksala Unbroken, whole, lord shiva
43 Boy Akshayaguna Of limitless attributes, lord shiva
44 Boy Akshiv Lord shiva
45 Boy Aksudra Big or important, lord shiva
46 Boy Akul Lord shiva
47 Boy Akul Lord shiva
48 Boy Akul Lord shiva
49 Boy Amadana Free from sexual desire, lord shiva
50 Boy Amaranaath Immortal god, lord shiva
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