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All Rashi Modern Names Meaning 'She w'

Sr. NoGenderBaby NameMeaningFbLike
1 Girl Aabish Daughter of sa'ad, she was a queen of irqan
2 Girl Aani Fatimah khatoon female she was a literary woman an
3 Girl Abida Worshippers, adorers, she who worships
4 Girl Aiesha Woman, alive, she who lives, life, lively, perfect
5 Girl Ajeebah Narrator of hadith, she was the daughter of muhamm
6 Girl Amanda Lovable, much loved, she who must be loved, worthy
7 Girl Amandine Active, bright, lovable, she who must be loved
8 Girl Anaiya She who brings sunshine, god's promised one, light
9 Girl Basbas She was beautiful and had a melodious voice, she w
10 Girl Beatrice;beatrix She who blesses
11 Girl Beatrice;beatrix She who blesses
12 Girl Bhaktigamya She who is attained only through devotion
13 Girl Bhaktipriya She who is fond of and pleased by devotion
14 Girl Bhaktivashya She who is to be won over by devotion
15 Girl Daisha Alive, she who lives
16 Girl Diella She who adores god
17 Girl Feerozah A precious stone, daughter of al-mazfar, she was a
18 Girl Filandra She who loves humankind
19 Girl Ghuzayyah Narrator of hadith, she was known as ghuzaylah
20 Girl Hada She who radiates joy
21 Girl Hajna The daughter of nusayb, she was a poetess, graciou
22 Girl Izzannisa She was a narrator of hadith
23 Girl Jahdamah She was a female companion of the prophet saw
24 Girl Khazanah Treasure, she was the daughter of khalid bin jafar
25 Girl Lakisha Joyful, happy, woman, alive, she who lives, lakeis
26 Girl Laodamia She who leads her community
27 Girl Laodicea She who is fair with her community
28 Boy Leica She was a dog that went to space
29 Girl Lekisha Alive, she who lives
30 Girl Likisha Alive, she who lives
31 Girl Maadhurya She who has voice sweeter
32 Girl Macrina A form of macra, she who grows
33 Girl Madhurya She who has voice sweeter
34 Girl Madnashini She who destroys pride
35 Girl Maranda She who must be admired
36 Girl Meesha Alive, she who lives
37 Girl Meeshika Alive, she who lives
38 Girl Mendi She who must be loved
39 Girl Mohnashini She who destroys delusion in her devotees
40 Girl Mysa Alive, she who lives
41 Girl Myshaa Alive, she who lives
42 Girl Neella She who succeeds and acquires
43 Girl Nirahankara She who is without egoism
44 Girl Nirakula She who is without agitation
45 Girl Nirupadhih She who has no limitations
46 Girl Nirvikara She who is unchanging
47 Girl Olaya She who speaks well
48 Girl Paramatmika She whose nature is the supreme
49 Girl Quintilia She who was born in the fifth month
50 Girl Quirina She who carries the lance
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