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All Rashi Modern Names Meaning 'Satisfaction'

Sr. NoGenderBaby NameMeaningFbLike
1 Girl Eliza Oath of god, or god is satisfaction
2 Boy Josa Approval, pleasure, satisfaction
3 Boy Joshik Satisfaction, pleasure, approval, happiness, with
4 Boy Mansheetal Satisfaction of heart
5 Boy Parithosh Satisfaction
6 Boy Paritosh Contentment, satisfaction
7 Girl Paritosh Satisfaction
8 Boy Paritosh Satisfaction
9 Boy Radhan Satisfaction
10 Boy Raiyan Satisfaction, contented
11 Boy Reda Contentment, satisfaction, favour
12 Boy Reda-rida-ridha (in god's) favor, contentment, satisfaction
13 Boy Rida In gods favor, contentment, satisfaction
14 Boy Ridha Contentment, acceptance, satisfaction
15 Boy Ridwan Acceptance, satisfaction, name of the keeper of th
16 Boy Samadhan Satisfaction
17 Girl Sampreet Joy or satisfaction or delight
18 Boy Sampreeth Joy or satisfaction or delight
19 Girl Sampreethi Joy, satisfaction, delight
20 Girl Samprikta Joy or satisfaction or delight
21 Girl Samtoeshakumaari Youth satisfaction
22 Girl Samtrupti Bright sun satisfaction
23 Boy Santhosh Satisfied, happy, satisfaction, happiness
24 Boy Santokh Peaceful, patient, satisfaction, contentment
25 Boy Santokh Peaceful, patient, satisfaction, contentment
26 Boy Santokhdeep Lamp of satisfaction
27 Boy Santokhjit Victory of satisfaction
28 Boy Santokhpal Preserver of satisfaction
29 Girl Santosh Satisfaction
30 Girl Santosha Content, satisfaction
31 Boy Santosha Satisfaction
32 Girl Santrupti Satisfaction
33 Girl Santushti Complete satisfaction
34 Girl Santushti Complete satisfaction
35 Girl Sanwariya Satisfaction
36 Girl Sanyogita Complete satisfaction
37 Boy Thiivyesh Lord of happiness and satisfaction
38 Girl Tosha Contentment, satisfaction, born at christmas, abbr
39 Boy Toshan Satisfaction
40 Boy Toshan Satisfaction
41 Boy Toshan Satisfaction
42 Girl Toshani Satisfaction
43 Boy Tript Satisfaction
44 Girl Tripti Satisfaction
45 Girl Tripti Satisfaction
46 Girl Triptishna Satisfaction
47 Girl Trpti Satisfaction
48 Girl Truptee Satisfaction
49 Girl Trupthi Satisfaction
50 Boy Trupti Satisfaction
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