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All Rashi Modern Names Meaning 'River ganga'

Sr. NoGenderBaby NameMeaningFbLike
1 Boy Bhageerath A king of suryavamsha who brought river ganga from
2 Boy Bhagirath One who brought river ganga to the earth
3 Girl Bhagirathi The river ganga
4 Girl Bhagirathi The river ganga
5 Girl Budarika One of the sources of the river ganga
6 Girl Chitrangda River ganga
7 Girl Chitrani River ganga
8 Girl Chitrani River ganga
9 Girl Chitrani River ganga
10 Girl Dashahara River ganga
11 Girl Deepadhari River ganga
12 Girl Deepamale River ganga
13 Girl Divyamoorti River ganga
14 Boy Gangaaraam The great holy river ganga
15 Girl Gangadevi River ganga
16 Boy Gangadhara Lord of river ganga
17 Boy Gangaiah River ganga
18 Boy Gangaiarasan King of river ganga
19 Girl Gangajal Water of river ganga
20 Boy Gangaram The great holy river ganga
21 Boy Gangey Son of river ganga
22 Girl Gangika River ganga
23 Girl Gomattie Tributary of river ganga
24 Girl Himadree River ganga
25 Girl Jaahnavee River ganga
26 Girl Jaahnavi River ganga
27 Girl Jabeen Forehead, river ganga
28 Girl Jahanvi River ganga
29 Girl Jahnavi River ganga
30 Girl Jahnvi River ganga
31 Boy Janahvi The flow of river ganga
32 Boy Janhavi River ganga
33 Girl Janhavi River ganga
34 Girl Janhavi River ganga
35 Girl Janhvi River ganga
36 Boy Jannavi South river, river ganga
37 Girl Janvi Another name of river ganga
38 Girl Janvi Another name for river ganga
39 Girl Jhanavi River ganga
40 Girl Jhanvi River ganga, educated and a right person
41 Boy Jhanvi River ganga
42 Girl Jhanvika River ganga
43 Girl Maghna River gangas
44 Girl Meghna River gangas
45 Girl Rasanjna River ganga
46 Girl Shoma A tributary of river ganga
47 Girl Surishvari Pious, pure, the river ganga
48 Girl Tridhara The river ganga
49 Girl Tripathaga Flowing through three regions, river ganga
50 Girl Vishvavati Universal, river ganga
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