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All Rashi Modern Names Meaning 'Rich'

Sr. NoGenderBaby NameMeaningFbLike
1 Girl Abimola Born to be rich
2 Boy Adair Rich spear
3 Boy Adaire Rich spear
4 Boy Adare Rich spear
5 Boy Adrian Dark one, rich
6 Boy Ahan Rich, morning, dawn, one who is of the nature of t
7 Girl Akshaya Special star, indestructible, gold, rich
8 Boy Ala Nobility, excellence, superior, all and rich, powe
9 Girl Alda Rich, old, wise, noble
10 Girl Alda Rich
11 Girl Alda Rich
12 Boy Ameer Ruler, prince, superior, chief, commander, rich
13 Girl Ameera Leader, princess, rich woman, similar to amira, we
14 Girl Ameera Princess. rich woman. leader. also a: well populat
15 Boy Amer Rich, one who builds, great tree
16 Boy Amer Rich
17 Boy Amir Rich, leader, from kikuyu, wealthy, ruler, king, e
18 Boy Anav Kind, rich, baldfaced
19 Boy Anbuselvan Enriched with love, one who loves all
20 Boy Anserico Rich in god
21 Girl Aven Iniquity, force, riches, sorrow
22 Boy Aven Iniquity, force, riches, sorrow
23 Boy Baasu Rich, wealthy
24 Boy Bahurai With great riches
25 Girl Bahuratna Rich in gems
26 Boy Baibhav Richness or prosperity or glorious or powerful or
27 Boy Bhagaditya Sun which grants riches
28 Boy Bhagesh Lord of richness
29 Boy Cheliyan Rich, resourceful, prosperous
30 Boy Cheliyan Rich, resourceful, prosperous
31 Boy Cheliyan Prosperous, rich, resourceful, pron chezhiyan, ric
32 Boy Chemian Richer
33 Boy Chitravaj Owning wonderful riches
34 Boy Citravasu With many treasures, rich in shining stars
35 Girl Daneet Rich
36 Girl Daria Rich
37 Girl Daria Wealthy, rich, nugget of wisdom, maintain well, po
38 Boy Dattravat Rich in gifts
39 Boy Daulat Wealth, riches, happiness
40 Boy Dawlah Riches, happiness
41 Girl Debina Discreet, enrich, impressive, advantage
42 Boy Dhanaji Rich
43 Boy Dhanapal Richman
44 Boy Dhanayus With a rich life
45 Boy Dhaneshvar Rich
46 Girl Dhani Rich
47 Girl Dhani Rich
48 Girl Dhanika Rich, wealthy, opulent
49 Girl Dhaniksha Rich and powerful
50 Girl Dhanishta A star, the richest one
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