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All Rashi Modern Names Meaning 'Red'

Sr. NoGenderBaby NameMeaningFbLike
1 Girl Aadmika A red peony flower
2 Boy Aadrit Respected, honoured, worshipped
3 Girl Aaminah Safe, secured, name of the beloved mother of the p
4 Girl Aarika Admired for looks
5 Girl Aarika Admired for looks
6 Girl Aariz Sacred, diving
7 Boy Aarnes Red silk
8 Girl Aarth Red glimpse, god
9 Boy Aarunav The red flavour
10 Girl Aaruni Red glimpse, god
11 Girl Aathirai Red star
12 Girl Aathirai Red star
13 Boy Abdul-jaleel Servant of the great, revered
14 Boy Abeesht Wanted, desired
15 Boy Abheesht Desired
16 Boy Abheest Wanted, desired
17 Girl Abhilashita Desired
18 Boy Abhinav-sai New things discovered
19 Boy Abhipuspa Covered with flowers
20 Boy Abhishrey The credit of good deed, the dawn of the good
21 Boy Abhyudita Elevated, prospered, raised
22 Boy Abir Perfume, colour, thinker, traveller, strong, red p
23 Girl Adag Pure, sacred
24 Boy Adam Of the red earth.
25 Boy Adam Red earth, first human being, created by god, red,
26 Boy Adamah Red earth, of blood
27 Boy Adami My man, red, earthy, human
28 Boy Adan Variation of adam from the red earth, earth, man
29 Boy Addy Man of the red earth
30 Boy Adham Black, son of the red earth
31 Boy Adib Cultured, well mannered one
32 Boy Adib Cultured, well mannered one, scholar, civil, educa
33 Girl Adiba Cultured, polite
34 Girl Adiba Literary woman. authoress. cultured. polite.
35 Boy Adibah Cultured, refined
36 Boy Adisa Clear spoken person, ordered
37 Boy Admah Earthy, red, bloody
38 Boy Admon Red peony flower
39 Girl Advithi One who cannot be compared with
40 Girl Adviti One who cannot be compared with
41 Girl Afeerah Covered with soil or dust
42 Boy Agnajita One who has conquered the fire
43 Girl Agnajita One who has conquered
44 Boy Agniketu Fire bannered
45 Boy Agniruha Fire tree, the indian redwood tree
46 Boy Agnivarna Fire coloured, red faced, hot, fiery
47 Boy Agur 'stranger, gathered together'
48 Boy Ahavaniya To be offered as oblation, perpetual fire
49 Girl Ahiraj Most highly adored, most praised, variation of muh
50 Boy Ahmad-ahmed Most highly adored, or most praised, variation of
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