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All Rashi Modern Names Meaning 'Rare'

Sr. NoGenderBaby NameMeaningFbLike
1 Boy Adeem Rare
2 Girl Ajabu Rare
3 Girl Aneet Awesome, smart, rare
4 Girl Anokha Rare, unique
5 Boy Anokha Rare, unique
6 Boy Anupama Incomparable, rare, precious, ginger
7 Boy Apoorv One of a kind or rare, unique
8 Girl Apuarva One of a kind or rare
9 Girl Apuroopa Rarest of the rare, extremely beautiful
10 Boy Apurv One of a kind or rare
11 Boy Apurva One of a kind or rare
12 Boy Duralabh Rare, difficult to attain
13 Boy Durlabha Rare, ungettable
14 Girl Kartisha Very rare and beautiful flower, blossoms once a ye
15 Boy Naadir Dear, rare
16 Boy Naadir Dear, rare
17 Boy Nadir Dear, rare
18 Boy Nadir Dear, rare
19 Boy Nadir Pinnacle, rare and valuable, rare, dear, precious
20 Girl Nadira Rare, precious
21 Boy Nadira Rare, precious
22 Girl Nadira Pinnacle, rare, precious
23 Boy Nadira Rare, precious
24 Girl Nadirah Rare, precious
25 Boy Nadra Rare, unique
26 Girl Nayyab Very rare, exclusive
27 Girl Perun Rare, not normal
28 Boy Shazmah Rare moon
29 Girl Spain Rare, precious
30 Girl Sudimna The divine power initiated by a rare combination o
31 Boy Sudimna The divine power initiated by a rare combination o
32 Boy Tareef Rare, uncommon
33 Boy Tarif-tareef Rare, uncommon
34 Girl Upanya Rare piece of art
35 Girl Viraali Priceless, valuable, rare, precious
36 Boy Viral Rare
37 Boy Virala Rare, unusual
38 Girl Virala Rare
39 Girl Virali Priceless, valuable, rare, precious
40 Girl Zinnia Rare flower
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