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All Rashi Modern Names Meaning 'Pur'

Sr. NoGenderBaby NameMeaningFbLike
1 Girl Aahelee Pure
2 Girl Aaheli Pure
3 Girl Aaheli Pure
4 Girl Aalaya Pure
5 Girl Aanandita Purveyor of joy
6 Girl Aanandita Purveyor of joy
7 Boy Aarsh Pavitra, pure
8 Boy Abdussubbooh Slave of the extremely pure
9 Boy Abezag Pure, holy
10 Girl Adag Pure, sacred
11 Boy Adag Pure, blemishless
12 Girl Adbhutha Pure as marvel
13 Boy Adwaid Means the old puran...like ramayana, bhagwad gita
14 Girl Afaf Chastity, virtuous, decent, pure
15 Boy Afeef Chaste, modest, pure, pious
16 Boy Affan Chaste, modest, virtuous, pure
17 Girl Afifa Honest, upright, virtuous, pure
18 Girl Afifah Chaste, pure, another name for hazrat fatimah zahr
19 Girl Agata Kind, pure
20 Girl Aggie Pure
21 Girl Agnes Pure, gentle
22 Girl Agnes Pure, holy
23 Girl Agnes Pure, chaste
24 Girl Aheli Pure
25 Boy Aila Born of intellect, another name for pururavas
26 Girl Aina Lightning, beautiful eyed woman, the only one, pur
27 Boy Ajitatman One whose soul never be conquered, pious, pure
28 Girl Akalka Free from impurity, moonlight, pure
29 Boy Akalmasa Sinless, pure
30 Boy Akalmash Stainless, pure
31 Boy Akalmash Stainless, pure, untainted
32 Girl Akalmasha Pure
33 Boy Akalmesh Pure, sinless
34 Boy Akalush Pure
35 Boy Aklamash Spotless, pure
36 Boy Akrisna Pure
37 Boy Akrsna Not black, spotless, white, pure, moon
38 Boy Alkesh Lord of alkapuri
39 Boy Amal Expectation, bird, hard work, bright, clean, pure,
40 Girl Amal Pure
41 Girl Amal Bright, clean, pure, hope, wish, expectation, aspi
42 Boy Amal Pure
43 Girl Amala The pure one, bird, hope, spotless
44 Boy Amala Spotless, pure, tree
45 Girl Amala The pure one, bird, hope, spotless
46 Girl Amala-amla The pure one
47 Girl Amala;amla The pure one
48 Boy Amalanand Pure joy
49 Boy Amalatman Pure minded, virtuous
50 Boy Amalbir Pure and brave
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