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All Rashi Modern Names Meaning 'Portion'

Sr. NoGenderBaby NameMeaningFbLike
1 Girl Aans Portion
2 Boy Aansh Portion
3 Boy Aansh Portion
4 Girl Anoona Portion
5 Girl Ansh Portion
6 Boy Ansh Portion, a little part of things, honesty
7 Boy Ansh Portion
8 Girl Ansha Portion
9 Boy Arshaq Handsome, elegant, graceful, well proportioned
10 Boy Devabhag A portion of the gods
11 Girl Ekadhana A portion of wealth
12 Boy Helek Part, portion.
13 Boy Helkai Part, portion.
14 Boy Hilkiah God is my portion.
15 Boy Jinanash Portion of god
16 Boy Jinansh Portion of god
17 Boy Jinansh Portion of god
18 Boy Parva A section, portion, festival, strong, occassion
19 Boy Shechem Part, portion, back early in the morning.
20 Girl Shilpa Statue, well-proportioned, stone
21 Girl Shilpita Well proportioned
22 Girl Shivaamsha Portion of lord shiva
23 Boy Shivaang Portion of lord shiva
24 Boy Shivaansh Portion of lord shiva
25 Boy Shivang;shivansh A portion of lord shiv
26 Boy Shreeansh Portion of goddess lakshmi
27 Boy Shreeyansh Portion of goddess lakshmi
28 Boy Shriansh Portion of goddess lakshmi
29 Girl Shriyanshi Portion of goddess lakshmi
30 Girl Shuvaanshi Portion of lord shiva
31 Girl Srikala A portion of lakshmi
32 Girl Suryakala A portion of the sun
33 Boy Swarnansh Portion of gold
34 Boy Thiransh Portion of wealth, god
35 Boy Tirthansh Portion of lord vishnu
36 Boy Virat Very big, giant proportioned, great, good looking,
37 Boy Vivansh Portion of moon
38 Boy Zebadiah Portion of the lord, the lord is my portion.
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