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All Rashi Modern Names Meaning 'Poet'

Sr. NoGenderBaby NameMeaningFbLike
1 Boy Adhikavi First poet
2 Girl Adikavi First poet
3 Boy Adikavi First poet
4 Boy Alankrit Fully decorated, poetic
5 Girl Avvai Name of a famous ancient tamil poetess
6 Girl Avvai Name of a famous ancient thamil poetess
7 Boy Baanbhatt Name of an ancient poet
8 Boy Banbhatt Name of an ancient poet
9 Boy Barathi Poet
10 Boy Bhartihari Name of a celebrated poet
11 Girl Bharvi Poet
12 Boy Bhavalan Poet
13 Boy Bhoj Name of a poet king, meal
14 Boy Bullah God name, poet
15 Boy Deepen Name of poet
16 Boy Dev Bard, poet, god, king, immortal, charming, awesome
17 Boy Devan Poet
18 Boy Devin Poet, english and american place name, divine, per
19 Girl Devin Poet
20 Boy Eknath Poet, saint
21 Boy Ekta Poet, saint, unity, union
22 Girl Erina Beautiful lady, from ireland, poetic name for irel
23 Boy Galib Name of a great poet
24 Girl Gazal Poetic melody
25 Girl Ghazal Ghazal, poem, lyric poem, love poetry, gazelle, sh
26 Girl Githanjali Poet conveys his love for his beloved
27 Girl Hajna The daughter of nusayb, she was a poetess, graciou
28 Girl Hubayshah Poetess, daughter of hubaysh al-aamiriyah
29 Girl Insha Sentence, writing, essay, famous poet: ibn-e-insha
30 Boy Jayadev Poet
31 Boy Jayadev Name of a poet who composed gita govinda
32 Girl Jayadev A famous poet name
33 Boy Joydev Ancient poet
34 Girl Kaavee Poet
35 Boy Kaavi Poet
36 Girl Kaaviya Poetry in motion
37 Girl Kaavy Poet
38 Girl Kaavya Poetry
39 Girl Kaavya Poetry in motion
40 Girl Kaavya Poetry
41 Boy Kaavyansh Intelligent and born with poetry
42 Boy Kaawy Poet
43 Boy Kabeer Name of a famous poet / saint, a mystic poet or po
44 Boy Kabeer-kabir Name of a famous poet-saint, a mystic poet or poet
45 Boy Kabir Name of a famous poet-saint
46 Boy Kacesvara Famous poet, deity of beauty, a temple
47 Girl Kaheesha Poetess, daughter of al-waqa
48 Girl Kaivya Knowledge of poet
49 Boy Kalamegam Name of a poet
50 Boy Kalamegam Name of a poet
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