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All Rashi Modern Names Meaning 'Poem'

Sr. NoGenderBaby NameMeaningFbLike
1 Girl Aamuktamalya Name of the poem written by an indian king sri kri
2 Girl Gajal Alyric poem
3 Girl Gatha Sublime songs, any poem used for meditation, book
4 Girl Geetanjali Collection of poems or songs, presenting songs in
5 Girl Geetanjali-gitanjali Collection o poems/songs, presenting songs in a de
6 Girl Geetanjali;gitanjali Collection of poems/songs, presenting songs in a d
7 Girl Ghazal Ghazal, poem, lyric poem, love poetry, gazelle, sh
8 Girl Gitanjali Collection of poems
9 Girl Juliana Downy bearded, youthful, name of a poem, jove's ch
10 Girl Kabita Poem
11 Boy Kalva Poem
12 Boy Kavan Water, poem
13 Boy Kavan Water, poem
14 Girl Kavana Poem
15 Girl Kavetha Poem
16 Girl Kavi Poem, poet, a wise person
17 Girl Kavinee Poet, one who composes beautiful poems
18 Girl Kavini Composes beautiful poems
19 Girl Kavisha Lord ganesh, small poem
20 Boy Kavit Poem
21 Girl Kavita Poem
22 Girl Kavita Poem
23 Girl Kavita Poem
24 Girl Kavitha Poem
25 Girl Kavitha Poetry, poem, poet
26 Girl Kaviya Poem
27 Boy Kaviyarasan Poem
28 Girl Kavneet Poetry poet poem
29 Girl Kavneet Poetry poet poem
30 Girl Kavni A small poem
31 Girl Kavya Poem, poetry in motion, a poetic
32 Boy Kavya Very good, poem, part of poem
33 Girl Kavya Poem, poetry in motion
34 Girl Kavyaa Famous poem
35 Girl Kavyanshi Part of poem
36 Girl Kayashree Poem
37 Girl Khavya Poem
38 Girl Paalavi First stanza of poem
39 Girl Saahithi Poem, literature
40 Girl Sanchayita A poem which was written by ravindra nath tagore
41 Girl Satyakavita Poem of truth
42 Girl Venba Poem
43 Girl Venbha Poem
44 Girl Venpa Poem, classical form
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