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All Rashi Modern Names Meaning 'Pleased'

Sr. NoGenderBaby NameMeaningFbLike
1 Boy Asutosa Easily pleased, lord shiva
2 Girl Bhaktipriya She who is fond of and pleased by devotion
3 Boy Debashish Pleased by gods
4 Boy Debashish Pleased by godsq
5 Boy Debashish;debashis Pleased by gods, benediction of god, blessing of g
6 Boy Debesh Pleased by gods
7 Girl Haniya Pleased, happy
8 Girl Haniya Pleased, happy, encampment, resting place
9 Girl Haniyyah Pleased, happy
10 Boy Harparsann One with whom god is pleased
11 Girl Joshita Pleased
12 Boy Joshith Pleased
13 Girl Joshitha Pleased
14 Girl Joshithareddy Pleased
15 Boy Josita Pleased
16 Girl Jothisorubini Pleased
17 Boy Moditya Pleased, gratified, delighted
18 Boy Mudit Pleased
19 Girl Muktavli A pleased woman
20 Boy Nirat Pleased, satisfied, the souls ability to see
21 Boy Prasanna Cheerful, pleased, happy
22 Boy Prasat Pleased, bright
23 Girl Prasunna Cheerful, pleased, happy
24 Girl Prina Content, pleased
25 Boy Prina Pleased
26 Boy Prina Pleased
27 Girl Prinal Pleased, satisfied
28 Boy Prinit Pleased, gratified
29 Boy Prinita Pleased
30 Boy Prinita Pleased
31 Girl Prinita Pleased
32 Girl Ramjita Pleased
33 Boy Samprit Pleased delighted
34 Girl Suprita Well pleased
35 Boy Suprita Well pleased
36 Boy Toshit Pleased, gratified
37 Girl Tushita Satisfied, pleased
38 Boy Visruth Famous, much heard of, celebrated, pleased, deligh
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