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All Rashi Modern Names Meaning 'Play'

Sr. NoGenderBaby NameMeaningFbLike
1 Girl Aleshanee She plays all the time
2 Girl Ana Playful, wanted
3 Girl Ana Playful, wanted
4 Girl Anaana "playful,wanted"
5 Girl Banu Princes, lady, flute, instrument played by lord kr
6 Girl Bonasri Flute, instrument played by lord krishna
7 Girl Boomika Playing role
8 Girl Chanchal Active, lively, playful
9 Girl Chanchal Lively, playful
10 Boy Darshit Reflection, seen, display
11 Girl Darshita Seen or vision or display
12 Boy Harper Harp player
13 Girl Harper Pretty, harp player, maker, harpist, one who plays
14 Girl Harper A player on the harp
15 Boy Harper A player on the harp
16 Boy Jhumar Child's plaything
17 Boy Jhumar Child's plaything
18 Boy Jigisha Child's plaything
19 Boy Kannaiyan Playful
20 Boy Kannan God kannan, playful, merrisome, a form of krishna.
21 Girl Leela Devine play, amusement
22 Girl Leela Devine play
23 Girl Leela Divine drama, play, amusement, night, goddess of w
24 Girl Leelaadaevi Devine play
25 Girl Leelaamgi Devine play
26 Girl Leelaavani Play of saraswati
27 Girl Leelamayee Playful
28 Girl Leelamma Devine play
29 Girl Leelavathi Playful, goddess durga
30 Girl Leelavati Playful, goddess durga
31 Girl Leelawati Goddess durga, playful
32 Girl Leelawati Goddess durga, playful
33 Girl Lelayamana Playful
34 Girl Lila;leela Playful, divine drama
35 Girl Lila;leela Playful, divine drama
36 Girl Lilabati Play full
37 Girl Lilamayi Full of divine play, beautiful
38 Girl Lyla Dark haired beauty, night, divine play, from the i
39 Boy Mannem National player
40 Boy Murlimanohar The flute playing god
41 Girl Piper Pipe player
42 Boy Piper Pipe-player
43 Girl Piper A pipe player
44 Boy Pompey Display solemn procession
45 Boy Prafull Playful in bloom
46 Girl Ragamalika God vishnu play the raga
47 Girl Saayileela God's play
48 Boy Ullasin Playing, sporting
49 Boy Vainavik Flute player
50 Boy Vansheedhar Flute player
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