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All Rashi Modern Names Meaning 'Plant'

Sr. NoGenderBaby NameMeaningFbLike
1 Girl Aaratrika Lamp beneath 'tulsi' plant
2 Girl Aaratrika Dusk lamp below tulsi plant
3 Girl Aaratrikia The dusk lamp beneath tulsi plant
4 Girl Ajwa Tree planted by holy prohpet
5 Boy Akkub Footprint, supplanting, crookedness, lewdness.
6 Girl Angarita A luminous plant
7 Girl Aritrika Dusk lamp beneath tulsi plant (basil)
8 Girl Aritrika Dusk lamp beneath tulsi plant, basil
9 Girl Asah Plant known for its greenness
10 Girl Asah Plant known for its greeness
11 Boy Badiljan Egg plant
12 Boy Badinjan Egg plant
13 Boy Basho Banana plant
14 Girl Bharvi Holy basil plant
15 Girl Bhashini Holy basil plant.
16 Girl Boo A desert plant
17 Boy Boota Plant of healing
18 Boy Boota Green, sapling, plant
19 Girl Brinda The basil plant, radha, tulasi
20 Boy Buta Plant
21 Girl Fern From a fern plant
22 Girl Golnaz;gulnaz Cute like a flower, a flower (sun plant, stonecrop
23 Boy Hamish Variant of jacob, supplanter
24 Boy Hamish Edge, corner, supplanter, he who supplants, simila
25 Girl Ivy Climber, ivy plant, an evergreen climbing ornament
26 Girl Ivy Signifting the climbing plant
27 Boy Jaakobah Supplanter, deceiver, the heel
28 Boy Jack God is gracious, son of jack, he who supplants, di
29 Girl Jacob Supplanter, substitute
30 Boy Jacob One who supplants
31 Boy Jacob One who supplants, supplanter
32 Boy Jacob That supplants, undermines, the heel
33 Girl Jacoba Supplant
34 Girl Jacqueline Supplanter
35 Boy Jake He grasps the heel. supplanter
36 Girl Jamee Supplanter
37 Boy James Supplanter, jimmy, variant of jacob, holds the hee
38 Boy Jameson Supplanter
39 Boy Jamey Supplanter
40 Boy Jami Supplanter, wife of yama, daughter-in-law
41 Girl Jami Supplanter, holder of the heel, yahweh may protect
42 Boy Jamie A familiar form of james, supplanter
43 Boy Jasmine Name of a flower plant
44 Boy Jay Blue jay, he who supplants, the lord is salvation,
45 Boy Jaymes Supplanter
46 Boy Jem Supplanter
47 Boy Jemmy Supplanter
48 Boy Jems Supplanter, representative
49 Boy Jimi Supplanter
50 Boy Jimmie Supplanter
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