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All Rashi Modern Names Meaning 'Pious'

Sr. NoGenderBaby NameMeaningFbLike
1 Boy Aarshin Pious
2 Boy Adiyan Pious, religious
3 Boy Afeef Chaste, modest, pure, pious
4 Boy Aghaghna Destroyer of sin, one who pious, virtuous, god vis
5 Boy Ajitatman One whose soul never be conquered, pious, pure
6 Boy Ajmal Pious, extremely beautiful, handsome
7 Girl Ajmal Pious
8 Boy Ajmal Pious, holy, beautiful
9 Girl Aliza Joyous, happiness, faithful, pious, honest
10 Boy Anenasya Freedom from sin, pious, pure
11 Boy Arokya Very pious
12 Boy Arshad Pious, honest, obedient, head of a group, the marc
13 Boy Asad Virtuous, pious, happier, luckier, lion, fortunate
14 Boy Auttamika Connected to the gods of the sky, pious
15 Girl Barhismati Blazing, pure, pious
16 Boy Bhaavik Righteous, pious
17 Girl Bhaavita Righteous, pious
18 Boy Bhavika Righteous, pious
19 Boy Dahman Pious people
20 Girl Daivi Pious soul
21 Boy Dasura Holy, pious
22 Boy Dasuri Devout, pious
23 Boy Devakam Loving the gods, pious
24 Boy Devanesan Pious
25 Boy Devanesan Pious, also devaneyan
26 Boy Devarata Delighting in the gods, pious, religious
27 Boy Devrath Pious, religious
28 Girl Dharamsheel Holy, religious, pious
29 Boy Dhevaneyan Pious
30 Boy Dhevaneyan Pious
31 Boy Divodasa Pious, religious
32 Boy Euseby Pious
33 Boy Gangika One who is pure, sacred, pious as the ganga
34 Boy Gurmukh Pious man
35 Boy Gurmukh Pious man
36 Boy Hanif Orthodox, pious, follower of prophet abraham, true
37 Girl Inthinaikathir Abundant, copious
38 Boy Ishadutt Acquired through pious deeds
39 Girl Iyarttamilkathir Abundant, copious
40 Girl Kalvikathir Abundant, copious
41 Girl Kardawiyah A pious woman, daughter of amr al-basriyah was so
42 Boy Kathir Ray, abundant, copious
43 Girl Kathirkumari Copious
44 Boy Kawthar Much, abundant, copious, name of a river in paradi
45 Boy Kritin Clever, skilful, wise, virtuous, pious, one who ha
46 Girl Kuhaylah Pious, learned woman who was a good speaker
47 Girl Mangalya Pious, pure
48 Girl Muminah Pious believer
49 Girl Nirosha Pious
50 Girl Nirosha Pious
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