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All Rashi Modern Names Meaning 'Patient'

Sr. NoGenderBaby NameMeaningFbLike
1 Boy Abdus-sabour Servant of the patient
2 Boy Abdus-sabour Servant of the patient
3 Boy Adheera Impatient
4 Boy Adhir Impatient
5 Boy Adhira Impatient
6 Girl Bakavati Very attentive, patient
7 Boy Dhaerye Patient
8 Girl Dhairya Brave, patient
9 Girl Dheera Courageous, patient
10 Boy Dheeraj Patient and contented
11 Boy Dheerajdhian Patiently absorbed in contemplation
12 Boy Dhira Patient, tolerant, intelligent, wise
13 Boy Dhritiman Patient
14 Boy Dhritiman Patient
15 Boy Dhritiman Patient, one who has patience
16 Girl Dhrivali Patient
17 Girl Haleema Gentle, patient
18 Girl Haleema Gentle, patient, sympathetic, mild, humane
19 Girl Haleema Gentle, patient
20 Boy Halim Mild, gentle, patient
21 Girl Halima Patient, merciful, poisonous, gentle, mannered, ki
22 Girl Halimah A form of halimah, gentle, patient
23 Girl Halimah-haleema Gentle, patient, mild-tempered
24 Boy Jugraj Patient, meticulous person
25 Boy Ksantu Patient, enduring
26 Girl Kshantu Patient, enduring
27 Boy Kshantu Patient
28 Boy Kshantu Patient
29 Boy Mateen Strong, patient, solid, constant, tough, substanti
30 Boy Prabhdheeraj One who is patient for god's love
31 Boy Qutaiba Irritable, impatient
32 Boy Qutaybah Irritable, impatient, a narrator of hadith
33 Boy Ranadhira Patient in battle
34 Boy Saabir Patient
35 Boy Saabir Patient
36 Girl Saabira Patient, enduring
37 Girl Saabira Patient
38 Girl Sabburah Very patient, enduring
39 Boy Sabeer Patient, tolerant
40 Boy Sabir Patient
41 Boy Sabir-sabeer Patient
42 Girl Sabirah Patient
43 Boy Sabur Patient
44 Boy Sahasanu Patient
45 Boy Sahinshnu Patient, enduring, lord vishnu
46 Boy Saihaj Peaceful, gentle, soft, patient, equipoise person
47 Boy Saihaj Peaceful, gentle, soft, patient
48 Boy Santokh Peaceful, patient, satisfaction, contentment
49 Girl Santokh Content, peaceful, and patient
50 Boy Santokh Peaceful, patient, satisfaction, contentment
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