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All Rashi Modern Names Meaning 'Order'

Sr. NoGenderBaby NameMeaningFbLike
1 Boy Aadesh;adesh Message, order, command
2 Girl Aagya Command, order
3 Girl Aagyeyi Order
4 Girl Aagyeyi Order
5 Boy Adesa Command, order
6 Boy Adisa Clear spoken person, ordered
7 Boy Alaap Musical notes in a order
8 Boy Amr Order, command, old arabic name, the generous one
9 Girl Anugna Order
10 Girl Anupurva In order
11 Girl Ashima Without borders
12 Boy Cosmas Greek order
13 Boy Cosmo Greek order
14 Boy Dikshit Initiated into a religious order
15 Girl Haak Honest,pervading, orderly
16 Girl Huk Honest,pervading, orderly
17 Boy Hukam Order
18 Boy Hukm Order, command, lord of hearts
19 Boy Hukum Order, god's will
20 Boy Jashmir Border of jammu and kashmir
21 Boy Jetur Order, succession, mountainous.
22 Boy Krama Order, sequence
23 Girl Mauji An ornamental border
24 Boy Mitanshu Bordered, friendly element
25 Boy Mitanshu Bordered, friendly element
26 Girl Mitashi Bordered, friendly element
27 Boy Navaj New kingdom, new order, newly born
28 Boy Navraj New king, new order
29 Boy Navraj New order
30 Girl Niyathi Necessity, restriction, the fixed order of things,
31 Boy Ocran A disturber, that disorders.
32 Girl Palini One who follows order
33 Boy Pradarsh Appearance, order
34 Boy Pradarsh Appearance, order
35 Boy Quentin Fifth in order
36 Girl Sabrina From the border, sword like, name of the river sev
37 Boy Samantha Bordering
38 Boy Samantha Bordering
39 Girl Seema Limit, border
40 Girl Seema Limit, boundary, border, face, symbol, precious th
41 Boy Seema Expression, countenance, border
42 Girl Seema Limit, boundary, border, face, symbol, precious th
43 Girl Seetha Limit, border
44 Girl Sheema Limit, border
45 Girl Sima Limit, border, listener, precious thing, treasure,
46 Boy Vaasudaevaraav Order, announcement
47 Boy Vacana Oath, order
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