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All Rashi Modern Names Meaning 'Master'

Sr. NoGenderBaby NameMeaningFbLike
1 Boy Aadinatha The primordial master
2 Boy Aagha Master, lord, chief, brother
3 Boy Abdul-malik Servant of the master (or king)
4 Girl Adhij Master, king
5 Boy Adhisa Lord, master
6 Boy Adhish Lord, master
7 Boy Adiish King or master
8 Boy Adinatha The primordial master
9 Boy Adonijah The lord is my master.
10 Boy Adripathi Master of the mountains
11 Boy Agha Pre-eminent, master, owner, sinful, another name f
12 Boy Akhilesha Lord and master
13 Boy Akilesh Lord and master of universe
14 Boy Archippus A master of horses
15 Boy Aryabhata Enterprising, best among the masters, courageous
16 Boy Aryendra Lord of the masters
17 Boy Asketa Master of will, master of the house
18 Boy Avaneesh Master of the earth
19 Boy Avaneesh;avanish Master of the earth
20 Boy Baal Master, lord
21 Boy Baal-meon Idol or master of the house
22 Boy Baal-peor Master of the opening
23 Boy Baal-tamar Master of the palm-tree
24 Boy Baalim Idols, masters, false gods
25 Boy Balaknath Child master
26 Boy Balaknath Blessed lord, child master
27 Boy Belshazzar Master of the treasure
28 Boy Bhagyansh Master of luck
29 Boy Bhagyesh Master of luck
30 Boy Bharanda One who fulfils, master
31 Boy Bharanyu Master, friend
32 Boy Bose Master
33 Boy Chandrapal Master of the moon
34 Girl Dayashree Masterful teacher
35 Boy Debendranath The lord of heaven, one whose master is devendra
36 Boy Depen Master of deepaks
37 Boy Dharamender Master of faith
38 Boy Dharmesh Master of religion
39 Boy Dharmesh Lord of righteousness, master of religion, lord of
40 Boy Digesh Master of directions
41 Boy Digesh Master of directions
42 Boy Ekanatha The only master
43 Boy Ekanayak Lord shiva, the sole master
44 Boy Elango Prince, god, author of tamil masterpiece silappadh
45 Boy Elango Prince, author of tamil masterpiece silappadhikara
46 Boy Elisaichelvan Master of music, maestro, also elisaiselvan
47 Boy Elisaichelvan Master of music, maestro
48 Girl Elisaichelvi Master of music
49 Boy Elisaiyan Master of music, maestro, also elisai
50 Boy Elisaiyan Master of music, maestro
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