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All Rashi Modern Names Meaning 'Male'

Sr. NoGenderBaby NameMeaningFbLike
1 Girl Aani Fatimah khatoon female she was a literary woman an
2 Boy Aindrila Female star
3 Girl Aindrila Female star
4 Girl Aindrila Female star
5 Girl Alixandria Defender of mankind comes from the male name alexa
6 Girl Amatullah Female servant of allah, slave of allah
7 Girl Andaal Female saints
8 Girl Andal Female saints name
9 Girl Aneezah Female goat
10 Girl Arwa Female mountain goat
11 Girl Arwa Female satisfied, pleasant, fresh, mountain gazell
12 Boy Arwa Female mountain goat
13 Girl Ashwini Good girl, name of a star, female horse, star
14 Girl Ayala A female deer - (doe)
15 Girl Azza Young female gazelle
16 Girl Azza Young female gazelle, young gazelle
17 Girl Azza Young female gazelle
18 Girl Azzah Young, female gazelle
19 Girl Bambi Female baby, child
20 Boy Baxter Female baker
21 Girl Bhogavati Curving, a female serpent
22 Boy Bilal Male cat
23 Girl Bira Having husband & male child
24 Girl Caroline Little and womanly, song of happiness, female vers
25 Girl Charla From charlotte, little and womanly, female version
26 Girl Christiana Female form of christian
27 Boy Darun Hard male 4
28 Girl Dohna A female deity
29 Girl Dorcas A female roe deer.
30 Girl Duli A female tortoise
31 Girl Eona Female version of ian
32 Girl Hinda Female deer, doe
33 Girl Hinda Female deer
34 Girl Ibhi Female elephant
35 Boy Ikrimah Female version of a pigeon, a companions name
36 Boy Ikrimah A female pigeon
37 Girl Isha Goddess durga, the female energy
38 Girl Isha One who protects, goddess durga, the female energy
39 Girl Isha Goddess durga, the female energy
40 Girl Ishana Rich, goddess durga, the female energy
41 Girl Ivanka Female version of john, the lord is gracious, god
42 Girl Jahdamah She was a female companion of the prophet saw
43 Girl Janet God's gracious gift, female version of john, the l
44 Girl Janet God's gracious gift, female version of john, the l
45 Girl Jarita Old, decayed, female offspring
46 Girl Jarul Female offspring, flower queen
47 Girl Jimi Modern female version of jimmy
48 Boy Jiro Lord of life, second male, one's farm or shed myst
49 Girl Joslyn Medieval male name adopted as a feminine name
50 Girl Jumaymah Name of a female companion
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