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All Rashi Modern Names Meaning 'Lucky'

Sr. NoGenderBaby NameMeaningFbLike
1 Girl Aakshi Lucky
2 Boy Abhinna Lucky man
3 Girl Afrin Happiness, praise, lucky
4 Girl Anoosheh Lucky, happy
5 Boy Asher Blessed, fortunate, lucky, happy, felicitous, son
6 Boy Aymaan Lucky
7 Boy Ayman Lucky, righteous, he who is on the right, blessed,
8 Boy Aymn Lucky
9 Boy Babat Lucky, fortunate
10 Girl Bagiya Lucky
11 Girl Bagyam Lucky
12 Girl Bahati My luck is good, luck or be lucky
13 Girl Bakhiya Lucky girl
14 Girl Bakhtawar One who brings good luck, fortunate, lucky
15 Boy Bakhtawar One who brings good luck, fortunate, lucky, prospe
16 Girl Bakhtawar One who brings good luck, fortunate, lucky
17 Boy Behrooz Lucky
18 Boy Behzad Lucky
19 Boy Bhag Lucky
20 Girl Bhagada A lucky woman
21 Boy Bhagbir Lucky brave
22 Boy Bhaguri Thinks himself lucky, desiring happiness
23 Girl Bhagvanti Lucky
24 Boy Bhagwanti Lucky
25 Girl Bhagwanti Lucky
26 Girl Bhagwati Lucky, goddess durga
27 Boy Bhagwinder Lucky king
28 Girl Bhagya Lucky
29 Girl Bhagya Lovely, lucky, fortune, faith
30 Girl Bhagyashree Goddess laxmi or lucky
31 Girl Bhagyashri Goddess lakshmi, lucky
32 Girl Bhagyasri Lucky
33 Girl Bhagyavi Fortunate, lucky, auspicious
34 Girl Bhairavee Lucky
35 Boy Bharadwaj A sage, a mythical bird, a lucky bird
36 Boy Bhogwan Lucky
37 Boy Dhanwant Lucky, fortunate
38 Girl Dhanya Great, lucky
39 Girl Divyansha Blessed, lucky
40 Girl Eshma Lucky
41 Girl Farkhandah Lucky, happy
42 Boy Felis Lucky
43 Boy Felyse Lucky
44 Girl Gada Lucky
45 Boy Gyansingh Lucky man, knowledge, one having exalted divine kn
46 Girl Hiza Lucky
47 Girl Jashvita Decent, benevolent, loud, lucky
48 Boy Kalyanin Beneficial, happy, lucky, auspicious
49 Girl Khusbakht Lucky
50 Boy Khushnaseeb Lucky
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