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All Rashi Modern Names Meaning 'Lovable'

Sr. NoGenderBaby NameMeaningFbLike
1 Girl Aashika Lovable
2 Girl Agalya Lovable, light, accommodations, adaptation, fine-t
3 Girl Akansha Lovable, wish, desire
4 Girl Alshifa Good, homely, sweet, lovable, trustable
5 Girl Amanda Lovable, much loved, she who must be loved, worthy
6 Girl Amandine Active, bright, lovable, she who must be loved
7 Girl Anbalagi Beautiful lovable person, lovely and beautiful
8 Boy Anban Lovable
9 Girl Anbini Kind and sweet, lovable
10 Girl Anbumoli Lovable language, lovable words, who speaks kindly
11 Girl Anbumozhi Lovable language, lovable words
12 Girl Ankita Baby of sun, marked, lovable, conquered, a signet,
13 Girl Ankita Baby of sun, marked, lovable, conquered, a signet,
14 Girl Annabel Latin lovable
15 Girl Annabelle Latin lovable
16 Boy Arvalan Lovable
17 Boy Balaganapati Beloved and lovable child
18 Girl Bharoti Lovable
19 Girl Buddhipriya Lovable and very intelligent girl
20 Girl Chaheti Lovely, lovable for all
21 Boy Chinnu Lovable
22 Girl Dularee Lovable
23 Boy Eeren Lovable
24 Boy Eeren Lovable
25 Boy Erasmus To love, desired, beloved, lovable
26 Boy Goral Lovable
27 Boy Goral Lovable
28 Boy Hamrish Lovable, helpful
29 Girl Hetavi Lovable
30 Girl Hetaxi With lovable eyes
31 Girl Hetsi Lovable
32 Girl Hetsi Lovable
33 Girl Hita Lovable
34 Girl Hita Lovable, good manners
35 Girl Hita Lovable
36 Boy Hritesh Lovable
37 Girl Jency Wave, smart, lovable person
38 Boy Jodhpreet Lovable brave
39 Boy Karanpreet Lovable
40 Boy Karanprem Lovable
41 Boy Kevin Little gentle one, lovable, handsome, beloved, gen
42 Boy Lavesh Lovable
43 Girl Lavi Lovable
44 Girl Lavi Lovable
45 Boy Lavish Lovable
46 Boy Logachandran Lovable
47 Boy Lovesh Love, lovable person
48 Boy Luvya Lovable
49 Girl Mabel Latin lovable
50 Boy Madanbir Brave and lovable
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