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All Rashi Modern Names Meaning 'Lord k'

Sr. NoGenderBaby NameMeaningFbLike
1 Boy Aachuthan Lord krishna
2 Boy Abhijeet Victorious, lord krishna
3 Boy Achudan Lord krishna
4 Boy Achyut Imperishable, a name of vishnu, lord krishna
5 Girl Agney Lord kartikeya
6 Boy Alpesa The subtle god, lord krishna
7 Boy Anandmohan Lord krishna
8 Boy Aniket Lord krishna lord shiva, name of lord krishna, hom
9 Boy Aniruddh Grandson of lord krishna
10 Boy Anirudha Grandson of lord krishna
11 Boy Anirudha Grandson of lord krishna
12 Boy Anirudhha Free, grandson of lord krishna, cooperative
13 Boy Anish Lord krishna, lord vishnu, lord shiva, supreme, pu
14 Boy Anuvind One who receives, a cousin of lord krishna
15 Boy Aprameya A name of lord krishna
16 Boy Aprameya Lord krishna
17 Boy Arjya Lord krishna
18 Boy Asuman Lord of vital breaths, lord krishna
19 Boy Aswanth Lord krishna
20 Boy Avyukt Crystal clear, lord krishna
21 Boy Avyukth Crystal clear or lord krishna or clear mind
22 Boy Baanke Lord krishna
23 Boy Bahuley Lord karthikeya
24 Boy Bahuleya Lord kartikeya
25 Boy Bahuliya Lord kartikeya
26 Boy Balaraam The elder brother of lord krishna
27 Boy Balaram The brother of lord krishna
28 Boy Balendra Lord krishna
29 Boy Balendra Lord krishna
30 Boy Balendra;balinder Lord krishna
31 Boy Balendra;balinder Lord krishna
32 Boy Balinder Lord krishna
33 Girl Balinder Lord krishna
34 Boy Balinder Lord krishna
35 Girl Balinderjit Lord krishna
36 Boy Balkishan Young krishna, lord krishna in his childhood
37 Boy Balkrushna Lord krishna
38 Boy Balram;balaram The elder brother of lord krishna
39 Boy Banaj Lotus banbihari lord krishna
40 Boy Banavari Dweller of the forest, lord krishna
41 Boy Banbihari Lord krishna
42 Boy Banke Lord krishna
43 Boy Bankebihari Lord krishna
44 Boy Banshidhar Lord krishna
45 Boy Banshilal Lord krishna
46 Boy Bansidhar Lord krishna
47 Boy Bansidhar;banshidhar Lord krishna
48 Boy Bansilal Lord krishna
49 Boy Bansilal;banshilal Lord krishna
50 Boy Bansuri Flute, lord krishna, flash of lightning
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