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All Rashi Modern Names Meaning 'Look'

Sr. NoGenderBaby NameMeaningFbLike
1 Girl Aarika Admired for looks
2 Girl Aarika Admired for looks
3 Boy Abbas Description of a lion, looking austere, lion, ster
4 Boy Abhirup Pleasant look, pleasing
5 Boy Alagu Gorgeousness, beauty, good looking, handsome
6 Girl Aleen Loving good looking
7 Girl Aleena Beautiful, good looking
8 Girl Anideepa Looking good
9 Boy Animikh Winkless,having a steadfast look
10 Boy Ashur Who is happy, or walks, or looks
11 Boy Assur Who is happy, or walks, or looks
12 Boy Azalagu Gorgeousness, beauty, good looking
13 Boy Caksas Look, sight, radiance, a teacher
14 Boy Cheluva Looking handsome
15 Boy Citvana Glance, a look
16 Boy Darsana Looking at, lord krisna
17 Girl Darsani Worth looking at, another name for goddess durga
18 Girl Darsanidarsani Worth looking at, another name for goddess durga
19 Girl Darshani Worth looking at
20 Boy Darsheel Something that looks good and sober
21 Boy Darsheel Something that looks good and sober
22 Boy Darshil Something that looks good and sober
23 Boy Darshil Lord krishna, beautiful looking, rose
24 Boy Datar The one that provides and looks after us
25 Girl Deleena Good looking
26 Girl Deleena Good looking
27 Boy Didar Appearance, sight, view, vision, look
28 Girl Drishika Good looking, splendid
29 Girl Drusthi Looking
30 Girl Eashanye The diety who looks after the direction eashanya o
31 Girl Eenakshi Whose eyes look like deer
32 Boy Elamaran Young looking, juvenile, young muruga
33 Boy Elilchelvan A simple good looking man, handsome
34 Girl Fadila Good looking, attractive
35 Boy Faran Ox-herd, good-looking servant
36 Girl Ghorarupa Having a fierce outlook
37 Boy Gokanya A maiden who looks after cows
38 Boy Goran The good looking one
39 Boy Gorance The good looking one
40 Girl Gunashree Good look
41 Boy Hasan Laughter, good, beautiful, handsome, good looking
42 Girl Hemabha With a golden look
43 Boy Ijon Look, eye, fountain
44 Girl Jhalak Quick look, spark, sudden motion
45 Boy Karthikesan Good looking individuals
46 Girl Krupal Unparalleled kindness, extremely good looking
47 Girl Kuhaneshwary Beautiful look of lord amman
48 Girl Lana Attractive, fair, good looking, little rock, rock,
49 Girl Mayuranki With the looks of a peacock
50 Boy Mikloth Little wants, little voices, looking downward.
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