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All Rashi Modern Names Meaning 'Little'

Sr. NoGenderBaby NameMeaningFbLike
201 Boy Regan The descendant of a king, little king
202 Boy Regender Little king
203 Boy Regender Little king
204 Boy Riaan Little king
205 Boy Rian Little king
206 Boy Rinish Little bunny
207 Boy Ripley Littlepoet-king
208 Boy Riyan Little king
209 Boy Rob Little red one
210 Boy Rohan Ascending, increasing, little red one, sandal wood
211 Girl Rosa Rose, little rose, flower name, truthful, kindness
212 Girl Rosheen Rose, little rose
213 Boy Russel Littleredone
214 Boy Russell Littleredone
215 Boy Ryaan Little king
216 Boy Ryan Little king
217 Boy Ryan King, little king, little ruler, kingly, descendan
218 Boy Ryan Littleking
219 Boy Ryansh Little ray of light
220 Boy Ryen Little king
221 Boy Sarit Little princess
222 Boy Shannon Little old wise one, old, ancient, river name
223 Boy Shattuck Little shad fish
224 Girl Shelly From the ledge meadow, meadow on the ledge, little
225 Boy Shishu Little baby
226 Girl Sidhika Little accomplishment
227 Girl Simoan Obedient, listening, little hyena
228 Boy Somak Little moon
229 Boy Sterling Little star
230 Boy Stirling Little star
231 Boy Sukhalesh A little pleasure
232 Boy Sullivan Little dark eyes
233 Girl Sunu Sweet little lady
234 Girl Sunu Sweet little lady *
235 Girl Suri Little princess, red rose, consort of the sun, ano
236 Girl Swiyyah Little one
237 Boy Taru Little plant, small plant
238 Boy Taru Little plant, small plant
239 Boy Tenney Little follower of dionysos
240 Girl Thabana Beautiful little mountain
241 Boy Tiarnan Little lord
242 Boy Tiernan Little lord
243 Boy Tikvah Hope, a little line, congregation.
244 Boy Tomkin Little tom
245 Boy Truitt Little and honest
246 Girl Umaimah Little mother
247 Girl Umayma Little mother
248 Girl Undine Little wave, mythological water spirit
249 Girl Ursala Little bear
250 Girl Ursina A form of ursula, little bear
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